PS – R U Okay Day? Pass It On and Energize Your Friends

An Energizing Email From A Friend

This afternoon I received an email from a friend with a PS saying:
Today is R U okay day.
R U okay?

It uplifted me immediately?
How often do we ask someone that question – Are You Okay?  What does it mean when we do?

To me, it means somebody cares. Somebody – a special friend perhaps, is really interested in how I am, and whether I am surviving.

I was having a little downer at the time I received this email.
Yes, even me, with all my strategies to energize myself can be allowed to have a little downer now and then.

At the time I received it, I was actually looking at options to get my energy and enthusiasm back –

    • Considering my next steps with my internet business
    • Scanning the internet for good movies to go to and rejecting that option
    • Thinking about yet another cup of tea or coffee and a treat – but I am off sugar at the moment.
    • Maybe I would have a ‘power nap’ but I knew I would feel worse if I did that.
    • Go for a walk maybe – always good to get out in the fresh air and beautiful sunlight of a day like today. But I didn’t feel motivated

 It was my birthday yesterday and I’d had such a lovely day – coffee with one friend (she treated me) lunch with more friends, a call from my son and grandchildren, and an impromptu party after my Toastmasters Meeting. Cards, wishes, and even a cheeky little monkey on my mobile phone singing Happy Birthday to me. I felt so happy and energized.

But the anti-climax set in this afternoon.

Then I received this little gem – the PS that seemed to tap into my mood by asking the question:  ‘R U Okay’ ?

What an energy shift, as I answered  – Yes, Yes, Yes. Of course I’m okay.
Across cyberspace, into my email had dropped the message that meant someone – my friend – was thinking about me.

So I encourage you to pass it on.  Send to your friends and family this little PS,  just as I am about to do. You may energize someone,  just as I was energized, and maybe even ‘Make Their Day’.

Let’s make every day ‘R U Okay Day’.

A Question For You

 How many friends will you ask ‘R U Okay’ of this week?   Just click on ‘Leave a Comment’ below and let me know.

 Live With Energy

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