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Energy and Enthusiasm Can Make Dreams Come True

I was sent a video by Keith Abraham, and it inspired me so much that I want to share it with you.

It is the true story about the Thai football team called The Koh Panyee Football Club.

Koh Panyee Thailand

Koh Panyee Thailand

Some boys who lived on a floating island village in Thailand’s south were soccer fans, and because they had little space to play they could only watch it on TV.

They became so enthused by the game that they wanted to play soccer themselves. However, with no space and no ground, just their floating homes joined together and narrow walkways between, it seemed impossible for them to create a playing field.

With the energy of young boys they decided to take matters into their own hands, and with pieces of timber that they scrounged and transported by boat they built their field.

Watch the story and find out what happened, at the link below. You will be inspired and uplifted by this five minute video.

It just goes to show, with enough enthusiasm and energy anything can be achieved, and our dreams can come true.

(Keith Abraham’s website is

A Question For You

What is your favourite sport or activity to energize you?   Just click on ‘Leave a Comment’ below and let me know.

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