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More About My Lovely Birthday Week

Happy Birthday Flowers to energize

Energizing Birthday Flowers

What a great way to find out who your real friends are – those who take the time to remember you in many different ways.

I did talk about my birthday in a previous post, but I want to say more about it, and also to use the beautiful picture of flowers on the left! They not only brightened my life but they also brighten up my blog.

I can honestly say that this year’s birthday was one of the best and most energizing – not because I had a big celebration party, but because there were so many small enjoyable events, messages and phone calls spread over more than a week.

The very last gift was this beautiful bouquet of flowers and some chocolates from a friend on her visit – energizing in itself as we always have such fun together.

Friends – Your Fan Club On Your Birthday – And All Through The Year

I am in the process of writing my book ‘Confidence is Key’, and one of the things I talk about is creating your own ‘Fan Club’ – and I don’t just mean on Facebook or other media sites. I mean offline too.


Because choosing the friends you surround yourself with – people who love and support you and don’t judge or criticize – is a great way to keep your energy high, and fend off any negativity that may arise from your own thoughts or what happens in your life.

My friends did these things to help me enjoy my birthday:

  • Phoned me
  • Emailed birthday wishes
  • Put on lunch with a bunch (of friends, that is)
  • Had me over for breakfast
  • Gifted me
  • Sent me cards
  • Put on an impromptu birthday ‘party’ after my Toastmasters meeting

On top of this, I heard from each of my three gorgeous grown up sons.

What was the crunch?

Like I said before, after all the birthday fanfare and feeling like I was the  centre of attention for more than a week, I had to get back into my normal life. A bit of an anti-climax, but I was able  to draw on other energizers to get me motivated (including the RU Okay Day email – see below).

More about pick-me-up energizers next time.

A Question for You?

What is your favourite way to share your birthday with friends and family?  What energizes you the most?  I’d love you to click on ‘Leave a Comment’ below and let me know.

Live With Energy


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