Energized Age, Or Age By Years? Joan Small

What is your Energized Age

 My brother phoned me, excited because he had done a checklist on the Internet, and according to this he would live beyond 90.  This was a physical test only.

What impressed me most was not his test results but the fact that at over 60 years of age he still gets enthusiastic about small things.

This is a quality he has carried through from his childhood. When he was a young boy, it was embarrassing going to the movies with him because he would laugh with his whole body, rocking forwards and backwards in his seat.

My brother has maintained this youthful energy right though his life despite some quite serious incidents that he, like most of us, has been through.

Do you still get enthusiastic or excited about things great and small in your life?

What is your energized age?

We all know teens to 30 year olds who appear old in their attitudes and outlook, and we know or have heard of over 80 people who are still youthful and very much alive. The Energized age depends on our energy – some may call it the Energy Field – not on the number of birthdays we have had.

Aldwyn Altuney

Aldwyn Altuney - 'Founder of Animal Action Day' Gold Coast

Last night I had a lovely young friend called Aldwyn at my place. I am her mentor in Toastmasters so we were working on her humourous speech for the upcoming contests.

Despite the difference in our age we enjoyed each others’ company immensely and had a lot of energizing laughs while producing a result – a very funny speech she can take away and practice. I always find Aldwyn’s cheerful and enthusiastic attitude to life, and the way she can laugh at herself invigorating.

I love having younger people around. This keeps me youthful and ensures I maintain a young Energized Age.

What is Energized Age?

Energized Age is just a term I have made up. You won’t find it in the dictionary or on Wikipedia. I looked it up and Wikipedia said ‘The page “Energized age” does not exist’.

However, I have created checklist so that you can do a personal assessment of your Energized Age.

Here it is:

1. Do you feel enthusiastic or excited about something several times a week, or
Do you find that most of the time things are mundane or boring?

2. Are you interested in things outside of yourself, or
Do you spend most of your time looking inwards and feeling discontented with your life.

3. Do you mix easily with people of all ages, or
Do you mainly stick to a circle of your own chronolical age (age in years)?

4. Are you happy with your body over all,  but would still like to be a bit fitter, healthier, younger, or
Is you body feeling tired, unhealthy, in pain or overweight/underweight?

5. Do you laugh easily and often, or
Do you find life is not that funny?

6. Do you have ways to bring yourself back up – bounce back – when you are down or something unfortunate happens to you, or
Do you find it takes a long time to get back out of the dumps and you need therapy or drugs to help you?

7. Are you interested in learning new things every day, or
Are you happy with the things you know and how you have always done things?

The more ticks you can put beside the first part of each question the younger your ‘Energized Age’.

This is just a start. I want you to contribute to my list.

When the list gets a bit longer, I may put it up on Wikipedia so that ‘Energized Age’ becomes more important that counting age in years.

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to – Click on the ‘Leave a  Comment’ link below, and tell me what you think should be on my ‘Energized Age’ list.

Then subscribe to my list by putting your name and email into the form at the right of this page so we can maintain the dialogue and create more younger – youthful – people in the world.

Live With Energy

5 thoughts on “Energized Age, Or Age By Years? Joan Small

  1. Linky says:

    Hi Joan
    Love the story about your brother as my brothers are all very expressive when they are enthusiastic about things. They seem to accomplish a lot as well and they have a great deal of compassion for people of all shapes and sizes.
    Healthy Relationships are very energizing. My parents are both over 85 now and it is amazing how positive they are. They go out of their way to do good things for others and that keeps them healthy.
    Nice blog.

    1. Joan Small says:

      Hi Linky,
      Great comment – I will add ‘healthy relationships’ to the list.
      Live With Energy,

  2. Julie B says:

    Hi Joan,

    I think you could ask:

    Do you sing or dance with abandon without worrying about who is watching or listening? Or would you prefer to watch rather than participate?

    1. Joan Small says:

      Fair comment, Julie. Watching can be good too, but participating is even better. And dancing – Hmmm! What a buzz. I will add your suggestion to my list.
      Live With Energy
      Joan :)

  3. Hosea says:

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