The Energized Age List – What Keeps You Young? Joan Small

 The Energized Age List

What keeps you feeling young?

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Dance Like No-one is Watching

My Energized Age List is growing longer, thanks to comments added. To see the first 7 items go to my prevous blog below. The next  two were added by Linky and Julie.

(Go to my page ‘The Energized Age List for the complete list.) 

8. Are you in a happy and healthy relationship? Or, do you have happy relationships with others?

9. Do you dance with abandon, without concern for who is watching or listening?

Healthy Relationships 

Linky said Healthy Relationships, and used her Mum and Dad who are over 80 as examples.

What is a ‘healthy’ relationship? 

My belief is that it is one where there is a balance of give and take, where each person can be themselves and do their own thing, but also make time to share with their partner. Naturally good communication comes into it,  as well as caring and supporting each other when needed.

Your relationship partner can be your best friend.
What do you think a healthy relationship is?

In my ebook ‘Negativity No More – Staying Positive Around Negative People’ I have a checklist of how to choose your friends. This can also be applied to how to choose your partner.

Dance Like No-One Is Watching

Julie said a sign of  Youthfulness is to dance with abandon without worrying about who is watching or listening. A great measure I think. How many times have you been to a party, wedding or event and watched older people dancing just for the fun of it?

An Energized Youthful Couple – Growing Younger at 82 and 64

On ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ in 2010 were grandparents  Ron  and Margaret Winchester, married for 42 years.

Margaret says, ‘No matter how old you are you can still do it’. Watch this video and you will see what keeps Ron and Margaret young – both in their relationship and their dancing.

As judge Brian McFadden said, Ron and Margaret are an example of what living life is all about. 


 I would love to hear your ideas of what keeps you feeling young?

Live With Energy

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