How Long Will You Live – Physical Age or Energized Age

Will You Live to 100?

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Do you want to live to 100? 

Joan Smalls Great Grandfather, Charles John McMullen

Great Grandfather McMullen lived to 89 years

I mentioned to someone that I had completed a checklist on the Internet and it said I would live to past 93 years of age. This person’s response was – there are more people in Nursing Homes now than ever before.

I have no intention of living to an old age unless I can do so with energy, good health and a happy invigorated outlook on life. I don’t wish to be a drain on anyone, so I am doing  some things now to ensure this is so.

For instance, my great grandfather, Charles John McMullen lived fit and healthy to 89 years, and was run over by a taxi. ‘Cut off in his prime’ you might say. It’s the old cliche – ‘I might be run over by a bus!’ but to my mind it is a quick way to go without having to suffer long term brain or body deterioration. Pity the poor taxi driver though.

The Living To 100 calculator can be found here:

I found the questions they used fascinating. I take with a grain of salt the ‘family history’ questions because there is so much in the way of lifestyle and particularly stress levels that contribute to illness.

I am of the belief that one’s state of mind is the biggest factor in good health or disease.

Stress and Longevity

This particular test does take  stress factors into account, and gives the following checklist of things that may be creating stress in our lives:

•  Excessive worrying (what if I have a car accident and die, what if my house burns down, what if my daughter fails school)
•  Crime or victim-related
•  Illness or death of a family member or loved one
•  A loved one currently in harm`s way (e.g. war, fighting crime etc)
•  Death or illness of a pet
•  Marital Stress
•  Loneliness
•  Community or global social concerns (e.g. poverty, war, environment, religion etc)
•  Feeling underpaid/undervalued
•  Getting laid off or fired from a job
•  Legal troubles
•  New Responsibilities (baby, job-related, caring for someone etc)
•  Health problems
•  Living conditions
•  Regular conflict(s) with family or others (e.g colleagues, neighbors)
•  Running late
•  Job
•  Traffic jams
•  Financial insecurity
•  Hormonal fluxes
•  Erectile Dysfunction
•  Other sources that we missed but you find significant
•  Illness

If we can eliminate most causes of stress, then it is my belief we are well on the way to living happy and healthy lives to 100 and beyond.

In my assessment to lengthen my life, the following recommendations were made:

  1. Minimize or cutting out your caffeinated coffee consumption
  2. Take an 81 mg aspirin every day to improve your heart and brain health
  3. Use sunscreen to block ultra violet rays
  4. Look after your teeth
  5. Nutrition – add calcium
  6. Be more active in your leisure time, other than exercising,
  7. Examine yourself for cancer
  8. Get your blood sugar checked

Out of these I agree only with 4-7.

  • I already drink very few cups of coffee,
  • I don’t believe in taking a drug such as aspirin just because my father had a heart attack,
  • I don’t want to layer on sunscreen (unless it is a totally natural organic one) because I believe sunscreen can cause more harm than the natural rays of the sun in moderation, and
  • as for getting my blood sugar checked – I try to stay away from doctors unless I have a problem.

My rule is ‘If it’s not broken don’t fix it’. 

Sure there are some good doctors out there, but from listening to my friends I find that getting things like cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels checked is often the first step to starting on the medicaton route. This can lead to people my age taking from 3 to 12 different medications a day. I take none!

Call me a rebel if you like.

The items I did agree with :

  • yes, I do need to get my teeth seen too (what a nuisance teeth are all of our lives!) 
  • I like to take extra magnesium and calcium – must buy some more.
  • I could definitely do more exercise and be more active, and
  • checking for those lumps is important.
  • Even more important is relaxation and meditation to get rid of the stresses to keep the lumps at bay.

Take The Test –

I invite you to take the test Living to 100 and get back to me with your feedback and comments. Click on Leave A Comment below this post.

Live With Energy

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  3. Great blog Joan! I too am a believer that if it is not broken don’t fix it. Continually fighting dis-ease or discomfort can cause plenty of stress in our bodies and lives, stirring our emotions and zapping our precious energy stores. I think our energy would be better spent on creating wellness. I say, ‘leave the drugs as a last resort.’ Natasha

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