Energized Age – An Oxymoron?

Is ‘Feeling Young While Growing Older’ an Oxymoron?

I love receiving feedback on what I write.  One of my beautiful friends was a little taken aback with the title of my previous blog – ‘Feeling Young While Growing Older’. It seemed like an oxymoron   – two  contradictory terms appearing side by side in a sentence – a combination of two lots of words that are completely opposite in meaning.


An Oxymoron is Two Contradictory Ideas in one Sentence

Phrases such as ‘found missing’, ‘genuine imitation’,  ‘alone together’,  ‘sweet sorrow’,  or even ‘temporary tax increase’ may be considered oxymorons.

The oxymoronic aspect of ‘feeling young’ and ‘growing older’ may jar,  but it is exactly what I wanted to portray. I aim to show that it is possible to feel young while growing older.

I talked about ‘energized age’ in a previous article but I failed to define it. As there is no known definition I will create one.

What I mean by ‘energized age’ is : the age you are as demonstated by your energy – the amount of zest for life you have, the amount of interest in the world around you and other people, and your ability to cope with change and challenges and to bounce back from adversity whatever it may be.

What ‘energized age is not’ is the number of years you have lived.

Is it possible to feel young while growing older in years?

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Like Natasha I believe it is possible to feel young while growing older, and there are some definite strategies we can use to maintain that youthful feeling. I will outline them in my blog posts over the next days or weeks.

In my previous post I talked about the survey I undertook to see if I would live to 100, and the stress factors that can influence our health and state of mind.
The ability to live long and healthy relates to stress,  as stress affects the body’s chemicals, producing more adrenalin and cortisol, which put strain on the heart and other organs, and these two chemicals also reduce our immune systems.

So the first thing to do to maintain a youthful energized age is to eliminate, handle or control stress.

Stress is usually a result of the past or the future – remembering bad incidents from the past, or imagining bad things that may happen in the future.

Neither are real in the Now. Most of the time our problems are not in the present time. So why worry or fear things that are not here and now?

Of course, if there is a present time problem – lack of money, pain or illness, relationship problems, it needs to be handled. But reducing the stress around the situation will help produce a solution.

How to handle and reduce stress:

  • Breathe Deeply – practice deep breathing while relaxing the shoulders so that this becomes the normal way to breathe.  Let the stomach out when you breathe in and pull the stomach in when you breathe out.
  • Meditate – practice the deep breathing while you do – clear your mind of worrisome thoughts.
  • Get into Motion – You don’t have to go to the gym to get your body moving. Find fun ways to do it.
  • Take action – if you have a real present time problem – take action to fix it, make changes, seek help etc. Action drives out fear.
  • Put some fun in your life
  • Seek support from friends and family
  • Let go of the people in your life who are not supporting you.

These are just a few ways to start eliminating the stress and recovering that youthful energy.

You will find your energized age is younger without stress in your life.

What are your favourite strategies to de-stress?  What works for you?

Click on the link below to leave a comment below to let me know whether you think ‘Feeling Young While Growing Older’ is an oxymoron – a contradictory statement.

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