Being Energized and Looking Younger With Relaxation

Relaxation and Stress – Feel Younger, Look Younger, Have More Energy

relaxation to feel and look younger and be energized

Relaxation shows in the neck - Before and After (At Left 2002, At Right 2011)

 We all have stress in our lives, but how can we handle it, and how can we prevent it from making us feel and look older?

In the 1980s I had a brush with Breast Cancer, which resulted in a biopsy and then an operation in which a malignant lump was removed from my left breast. The surgeon was confident that he got all the harmful cells, but I was scheduled for follow up scans three months later.

What is the Cause of Cancer

I will get into a controversial arena if I make firm statements about the causes of cancer, but I can express my beliefs and you have the right to agree or disagree. (I would love to hear what you think).

My belief is that Cancer, along with other diseases of the body, is caused and created by stress. I also believe that it is important to look after our bodies, but in this blog I am dealing just with stress as a cause.

When the cancer showed up I set out with this belief in mind  to make sure  it didn’t return,  and it hasn’t.

I have been free of any symptoms for more than 20 years, without medical follow up treatment.

What did I do?

The first thing was to look at what was causing the stress in my life and eliminate / handle it.

The second thing was to practice relaxation techniques so that I could continue to handle stress when it came up.

I found a wonderful book called ‘Relief Without Drugs’ by Dr Ainslie Meares. Morning and night, I spent an hour relaxing. It was amazing the difference this made in my life. Not only did it help to prevent the cancer returning, but it helped me deal with stressful situations more effectively. (This out of print book can be bought on the internet for between $70 and $200 – an indication of how valuable it still is.)

Forgetting How To Relax

However, as often happens, once the crisis is over and life catches up we can forget to do the things that are good for our health and well-being.  This happened to me, and I fell off the relaxation bandwagon. After I moved to Australia’s Gold Coast in 2001 I became immersed in many challenging situations – and the stresses showed up in my body.

Where do you carry your stress? 

With me, it is mostly in my neck and shoulders. In fact, many years ago a physio- therapist (physical therapist) gave up on my entirely because she tried everything to un-knot the knotted muscles. She tried hand massage, an electrical machine to ease the tense muscles, and she even put me ‘on the rack’ to stretch out my back – all to no avail.

Neck Tension – Looking Older

In the first picture above, taken in about 2002, you can see that the tendons around my neck are standing out with the stress and tension I was carrying.

 Relaxation Plus Deep Breathing

About 18 months ago I re-discovered the value of relaxation along with deep breathing.

The benefit of deep breathing is that I can do it all day, not just night and morning. Once I learned the technique I have been able to practice it so that it becomes second nature to me. 

In the second picture (above) taken recently, you can see how much more relaxed I am around the neck area. No longer do I have that ugly ‘chicken neck’ that clearly shows that I am tense and stressed despite the smiling face. I not only feel more energized and relaxed, I feel and even look younger.

In my next blog I will write more specifically about the breathing technique, how and when to practice it, and the physical and energizing benefits it can have on your life too.

Live With Energy

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