Interview with Leanne Ardern – From Shy Child to Confident Energized Business Owner

Joan Small talks with Leanne Ardern on How To Gain Confidence

I met Leanne,  Managing Director of Astro Visual, at the 3-day workshop I attended with Glenn Walford on ‘Branding With Your Book’.

Fear of Rejection

 Leanne grew up as a shy child who would cower in the corner and not want to talk to people. She feared rejection because she was told she could never be any good – she was ‘just a girl’.

The Need To Change

As an adult working in a business she realised that she would have to step up and become more confident if she wanted to succeed. Her husband encouraged her and she found mentors who also helped her make the change she needed to.

Stepping Up

She went to networking events, and took the bold step of doing her first 60 second introduction – a difficult challenge for her. However, she kept putting herself out there and just having a go, until it became easier, and her confidence increased.

An Easier Road With Confidence

Leanne has found that since she gained more confidence she does not have to work so hard, she connects more easily with the right people and opportunities appear. Instead of a 16 hour day she is working a 6 hour day. 

She has realized that people don’t judge you, they want you to succeed. So just stepping up and ‘doing it’ makes a difference.

Be like Leanne and step up with confidence. You will find it will energize you, and give you more enjoyment and success in your life. To read more about Leanne go to

A New Book On The Way

I am writing my book about ‘Confidence, The Key to Success in Life and Business’  and it is nearly finished.  Watch this space.

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One thought on “Interview with Leanne Ardern – From Shy Child to Confident Energized Business Owner

  1. Linky says:

    Hi this was an interesting interview. Hearing how the right partnet can change your level of confidence by just being who they are.
    Thanks Leanne for giving your interview for us to learn from you and also see where we can change.

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