Be Energized by Knowing Who You Really Are – Not Just Your Body – or your less than taut tummy!

Are You Your Body?  – Energy Comes From Your Inner Essence

This morning on TV I heard figures about body image in women that said 16% of women are dis-satisfied with their bodies.

I was surprised. I thought the figure would be much higher. I just assumed that all women are dis-satisfied with their height, shape, weight or individual body parts.

Even our beautiful Elle McPherson, ‘The Body’ supermodel is reported as saying  that at 47 she feels her body is not as beautiful as those who have had ‘work’ done, .i.e. plastic surgery. I disagree, she is still looking fantastic and so natural. Our teens would do well to use Elle as their natural pin-up, whilst at the same time realising that we are not all born with the potential to have those curves in the ‘right places’.

Although I am tall with good legs, I have to own up that I am not completely happy with my body.  The tummy is a constant challenged.  However, at over 50 (plus a few months – or years!) I feel I still shape up pretty well.

My dissatisfaction comes from the fact that I am a little slack in keeping fit, and I do indulge in those yummy apple turnovers with cream (my favourite) now and then.

I have given up most sugar though, but that is a story for another post.
Back to body image.

Why are we so obsessed with how our bodies look?

My belief is that our bodies are simply our ID card. It’s the physical and visual image that allows others to recognise us.

I was at a Toastmasters conference one time and a lady who looked slightly familiar approached me and called me by name. Puzzled, I asked where we had met and discovered we had spent some months attending the same small book group. However, she had lost 25 kgs in weight, and at only about 5 ft 4 inches this made a huge difference to her appearance.  As soon as she told me her name I was quickly able to pick up her essence and slip into friendship mode.

Inner Essence – ‘Beingness’

I know who I am

I remember a story about a man who had gone blind before the birth of his fourth child. He had no visual image of her, but whenever she walked into the room he recognised her immediately by her ‘essence’ – her inner being.

I loved the Avatar movie, especially when Neytiri  said to Jake ‘I see you’.  She didn’t mean that she saw him visually, she meant she saw into his soul – the essence of who he truly was.

What a pity that we don’t easily see each person’s inner being.

What a pity we judge others and ourselves by body shape.

I believe the body is our ‘temple’ and we should treat it well, look after it all our lives by putting the best natural food into it, drinking pure clean water, getting into motion to keep our limbs supple and our systems flowing well. We should also focus on deep breathing (see my previous post).

My school photo when I was eleven shows only two children out of more than 40  who could be  considered a bit on the chubby side. There was not enough money to splurge on soft drinks and sweets, but there was always good wholesome food to eat. When I raised my children in a remote town, fruit and vegetables, known as ‘perishables’ only arrived once a week and were expensive, so they were considered special treats. However, we made sure we stocked up enough so that children had fresh food during every day to keep them healthy.

Nowadays, the supermarket aisles are full of these sweet temptations and it is hard for parents to encourage their children to eat the more expensive fresh food items. If they did, then eating disorders and the resultant body imbalances would not be such an issue.

Busy parents mean more junk food, and also less quality time to re-enforce self image, enabling children to realise they can be loved for themselves, and not how they look.

Children Blessed with the Love  – a Healthy Model and Recognition of their Inner Essence

The children whose parents teach them how to live healthy lives are blessed indeed, as are the children who are ‘seen’ by their parents, friends, teachers and others as the person they really are inside.

If we truly know and love the person we are, the superficial body image becomes less important, and we can let our light shine with confidence.

Energizing fun in the snow

Energizing Fun in the Snow

Being Yourself is Energizing

Yes, it’s true. Being yourself, knowing who you really are as distinct from your body, living a healthy lifestyle is a way to happiness and energy every day.

Even I am getting out and walking daily – and I feel so much better for it. (I can even see my tummy shrinking a little.)

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Live with Energy
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  1. Hi Joan,
    I loved your insights and frank ‘reveal’ of your tummy. As someone over 50 myself, I can quite agree with you that the tummy area requires constant work, fewer treats and moving the body energetically, your favourite theme. Keep posting, thanks, Narelle

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