Are You Energized Before Christmas?

What is Your Energy Leading Up To Christmas? 

Santa sleeping

Resting up Before Christmas

Is it Neutral, Partying, Harrassed, Depressed, Remembering?

This time of year can mean many different things.

For children it is usually an uncomplicated time. They just know they are excited; anticipating the happiness that will come on Christmas morning when they receive gifts and have delicious sweets and other foods to eat. One of my sons would begin to get the Christmas feeling when he saw the stone fruit in the shops. Living in the ‘bush’ we couldn’t visit Santa,  or have Christmas Carols playing everywhere we went.

What are your feelings around Christmas?

Because my grown up children and grandchildren now live far away from me, I don’t always get to spend Christmas with them, so it can be a sad time if I allow it to be. However, I have learned to handle these feelings and create a happy energized Christmas for myself. This year it is easy, as I am spending it with my youngest son and my three gorgeous grandsons in Darwin, so I too am excited.

Neutral Energy

At the same time I am coasting along in Neutral. This position can feel a bit like depression – boredom, as normal activities start to wind down leading up to that much advertised and hyped up ‘once-a-year’ day. All the focus seems to be upon Christmas Day, so normal pursuits are winding down.

At the same time, parties are winding up.

Party Energy

Santa Party

Santa Party

So your energy may be Party Mode energy. This can be great, but then there may also be the anti-climax – after the party is over and you’re back home, perhaps even with a headache as a result.

Harrassed Energy

You may be feeling the pinch financially, wondering how you are going to buy all those presents and the food and drinks you need to ‘celebrate properly’, and prove to others that you really love them. You may be running out of time.

Remembering Energy

Remembering past Christmases can be good or bad. You may go back in your mind to happy Christmases, and this can be energizing and give you a glow inside, or it may make you feel sad that this Christmas perhaps won’t measure up. You may have lost someone close to you that made your Christmases of the past happy ones.

There is sometimes so much to think about around Christmas that we may feel like bypassing it altogether. I saw a movie once about a family that decided not to celebrate Christmas, but of course in the end they joined in the fun.

Fun Energy

The energy of fun and enjoyment is perhaps the best way to approach Christmas, but the most important thing is to have no expectations. If we just go with the flow and accept what is,  then we won’t be disappointed., and every small pleasure will help to ‘make our day’.

Live in the Now

Joan Small and Geesje Brown


Enjoy the moment, celebrate, and be grateful for the small joys as they come up. Don’t judge the gifts, just be grateful that someone took the time to think of you and give you something.

A couple of years in a row I worked with Tony Robbins’ team to deliver hampers to needy people, and I reveled in the happiness they showed in their faces when they received the hampers packed with food and luxuries. One lady said, ‘Do you mean I have a friend who cares enough about me to give me such a gift?’ She had been unwell, and had locked herself away, but now her face was beaming. This was a gift to me, as well as to her. I felt wonderful having brightened her day.

We hear so much about the Spirit of Giving, but there is also the Spirit of Receiving.

The Spirit of Receiving

When we receive what we have been given with happiness in our heart and reflect it in our faces with big smiles and genuine pleasure, the giver gets the glow also.

I wrote this little poem some years ago, and it is my gift to you this Christmas.

Giving and Receiving

They say it’s more blessed to give than receive.
But that’s how they see it, how they perceive.
For giving is one thing that’s easy to do.
It makes me feel good when I’m giving to you.

But better than this is receiving a gift.
By thanking the giver, I give you a lift.
When gratitude shows
For the thing you have done,
You’re rewarded because you’re
The most special one.

 By giving I show that I selflessly live.
When receiving I bless you,
Not just when I give.

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Live with Energy
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2 thoughts on “Are You Energized Before Christmas?

  1. Joan, this post nails Christmas energy, and I couldn't agree more. I encourage my clients who are facing Christmas dilemmas to let things go, let grudges go, let expectations and comparisons go, and relax and have fun. You cannot please everyone all the time, so be as considerate as possible and consider yourself as well. And important to remember, one can never buy love through obligatory gifts. Have a wonderful Christmas in Darwin!

    1. Joan Small says:

      Narelle, I loved your addition to my post. Yes, relaxing and having fun is key to a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season. I started today. Live With Energy, Joan

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