Are You Paying it Forward? A Wonderful Energizer

 Pay it Forward to Energize – Hawaii


When I arrived home yesterday I found my lovely friend Franki mowing my lawn. She has offered to do it for me to save me money until I go to Hawaii, as I had been paying to have my garden maintained.  I don’t have a lawn mower, and she is very good at it, and quick too. What an amazing gift.

Franki has been reading the book ‘Pay it Forward’. I saw the movie and found it so inspirational that I wrote about it in my books.  Even the movie trailer is inspirational and energizing  Watch it Here 

Pay it Forward is something I like to live by, but every now and then I have to be reminded of how it works.

To Hawaii – or Not?

One reminder recently was to do with the Hawaiian trip I am going on in March. I say ‘going on’ very positively because it has been challenging. You see we were caught up in the Air Australia demise, where the Airline suddenly announced on Friday morning that it was no longer flying anyone anywhere.

Air AustraliaOur group was booked on Air Australia. Suddenly we were without a means to get to Hawaii.

The barbecue that was planned for yesterday to get to know each other and handover travel wallets etc, turned into a strategy planning meeting. However, we still managed to enjoy the ambience of the lovely tropical garden and the beautiful Gold Coast weather. Our energy picked up and we separated on a positive note.

A lot of activity took place over a couple of days, and the trip is still going ahead.

‘Pay it Forward’ clicked in.

Qantas airlines offered a low airfare to Air Australia passengers. I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones, with a long term good friend, also going on the trip, offering to pay the extra money needed to obtain this new airfare. What a generous gesture! I will do my best to pay her back in time, one way or another – but perhaps I am meant to ‘Pay it Forward’ too.

I could easily have refused her offer, and Franki’s lawn mowing, but I chose instead to be grateful and accepting.  They both enjoy sharing and giving to others, and I believe in the power and energy of ‘receiving’ as much as the energy of ‘giving’.

I also believe that I have ‘paid it forward’ by giving freely of my time and energy to help others – most recently in helping Dean Callaway get his book ‘The Hawaiian Way’ into print with extras to help him promote it, because I support his message. Dean is also paying it forward with the time and energy he has put in to making the trip the best he can and the extra things he does for people all the time.

Balance – Exchange of Energy

The world is built on balance, and the balance of ‘exchange of energy’ is an important concept. This doesn’t mean we have to exchange it with the same people. It simply means we put out in big doses and it comes back in big doses – if we are able to receive it.

People who receive too much and never give are out of balance, but so also are people who give too much and cannot receive. 

Is Your Energy Balanced? Check your ‘ometers’

Check your receive-ometer against your give-ometer, and see if you are allowing yourself to receive.

An Energy Block – What Did it Mean?

With Dean’s Hawaiian trip, we had a good feeling about how everything would go smoothly and it would be an amazing experience for all ten of us, and then suddenly there was a ‘spanner in the works’ with the Air Australia collapse. This got us thinking?  What’s going on here?  Why this sudden block in our path?

In a former job I had, one person said to me, ‘We never promised you a bed of roses’. Well, I guess we could say this about life. Even though I believe ‘Life was meant to be easy’, I also know we are going to be tested from time to time – tested on our focus, determination, and maybe on the ‘7 Principles of the Hawaiian Way’ also – Ike -Awareness, Kala -No Limits , Makia – Focus, Manawa – Living in the Now, Aloha -Love, Mana – All power comes from within, and Pono – Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

Perhaps this was what was happening – it was just a test to see which of us was applying all the principles and who could move through the blockage and make it go right.

Everything is coming right, and I will give you an update when I find out how many are still going on the trip.

They say it’s more blessed to give than receive.
But that’s how they see it, how they perceive.
For giving is one thing that’s easy to do.
It makes me feel good when I’m giving to you.

But better than this is receiving a gift.
By thanking the giver, I give you a lift.
When gratitude shows for the thing you have done,
You’re rewarded because you’re  the most special one.

By giving I show that I selflessly live. When receiving I bless you,
Not just when I give.

(c) Joan Small

Let me have your comments, and tell me about any incidents you have had of ‘Paying it Forward’. 

Live with Energy


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6 thoughts on “Are You Paying it Forward? A Wonderful Energizer

  1. Elaine says:

    Nice blog, beautiful photo- I think it is Hanauma bay where I grew up & enjoyed snorkeling?
    so glad to hear you are all going ahead. We are rediscovering the gift of the Ukelele, there is a fantastic shop on James street in Burleigh Heads that needs you to drop some books and some brochures about your Hawaiian way- I bought a Uke there a week ago. It is giving us a lot of pleasure, and the shop assistants/keepers are very sympatico to your message. Burleigh Heads shops in general are like that, so maybe a leaflet drop there?
    All the best!
    with love, Mahalo nui loa,

    1. Joan Small says:

      Aloha, Elaine for your lovely comment. A beautiful country to grow up in. Thanks also for your tip about Burleigh and the Ukeleles, I will pass the information along to Dean. I can imagine you playing it! My former husband taught himself to play and used to serenade me with it. Fond memories. We are going to learn when we are in Hawaii. Mahalo nui loa to you too. x

  2. tom sutherland says:

    Joan, That was beautiful written article. As to all power coming from with-in, Mana?
    Is not our true source the source of God? Is God not everywhere? As we connect to our Godself, we become one with the creator. Is this not the source of our true power? I am not a religious man. I find that all religions have man made beliefs that are not spirit or God based. God for me is the essence of love and creativity. By connected to “him” we connect to our true essence, our ” father/ mother”. The creature of all things. By the way I love Hawaii. We Alaskan’s love to got there. It is such a beautiful place, with such a wonderful energy. Of course mass materialism is there, yet what one looks for is what you will find in Hawaii. Thomas F. Sutherland

    1. Joan Small says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks so much for your in depth comment. I am not a religious person but I do believe in the ‘God Force’ whether it is within or without, and I believe that Mana is talking about the ‘Source’ which you call God. If you go to Dean’s website you will see the statement: “Be confident that your connection to your source is secure. Strengthen the connection by affirmation and imagination”.
      When we go to Hawaii, we are spending the majority of the time on the big island, staying at Kona, and I believe this is where there is not so much materialism as at Honolulu and Waikiki. One of the purposes of the trip is to connect with the spiritual energy of the island, and we will be meeting with an ‘Aunty’, a spiritual leader, and having ‘talk story’.
      I am so looking forward to it. Mahalo Thomas. (Thankyou)

      1. tom sutherland says:

        Religion opiate of the masses. That is a quote that I agree with.
        I think it was Lenin that said it. So my Ma has a Halo? Well she is a nice person. That could be stretching though.
        Much Love Thomas F. Sutherland

        1. Joan Small says:

          An interesting perspective, Thomas. I will reply further on Facebook. Live With Energy, Joan

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