Energize at Christmas 2012 and for the New Year 2013

Christmas Lights Joan SmallRing Out The Old And Ring In The New – Energize Anew

‘Ring out the old and ring in the new’,
A saying that’s trite, but one that is true.
It could mean a day or a month or a year,
Or a life that is new, dispense with old fear.

Get rid of old habits, old useless emotions,
Old thoughts and frustrations, old tears and old notions.
Welcome new energy, pleasure and fun,
Contributionand giving. Include everyone.

Be open and honest. Believe and be true
To new thoughts, commitments and all that you do.
The past’s not the present. It’s useless today.
Change is easy and instant. You’ve only to play.

Say yes to excitement, adventure and daring.
Who’s this new person here?  What’s that smile you are wearing?
Just ‘Ring out the old and ring in the New’.
Happy Christmas to all and the Best New Year too.

© Joan Small

Joan Small and energized Christmas 2012

Joan Small and energized Christmas 2012

A wonderful Christmas with my son and his family in Orange NSW – lots of good food, fun, activity, love and sharing. So energizing and just perfect.

The New Year 2013 will soon be upon us – we all made it past December 21st 2012, so now is the time to plan a ‘better than ever’ year to come.

I have bought myself a new ‘Vision’ book and am getting excited and energized about what is before me.

Before Christmas I attended my friend Anna Muller’s goal-setting workshop, and this put me in the right energized mindset for gettting into it now. One of the things I decided to do was to change my name to Joanne for my close friends and personal life. Not an easy thing to do when you are all over the net as ‘Joan’.

Check out my testimonial here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b07BACtTQ1A

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