Are You Being Energized and Feeling Younger?

Feeling Young  - Joan SmallBeing Energized is Part of Feeling Younger

My theme for 2013 is ‘Feeling Younger While Growing Older’

How young do you feel, leading into January 2013? How Energized do you feel?

Do you buy into the brainwashing we are subjected to that we have to succumb to ‘losses’ as we age in years? Loss of hair, hearing, sight, memory. Do you believe that our chronological age – our age in years – should determine how young or how old we feel, and how energized?

Or are you of the school I belong to that says:  ‘It is my choice how old or young I feel’?

I believe the mind is one of the most powerful forces in determining youthfulness at any age, and I also believe that the body can heal itself. All we need to do at the best of times is get out of the way and let it do its thing. At other times we may need to give ourselves an energizing boost with extra healthy foods, exercise (movement) and of course a clear and healthy mind with large doses of gratitude, love, forgiveness and confidence.

Emotions can have a damaging effect.

For instance, recently I got a cold. It has been so long since I had a cold that I was caught un-awares and was annoyed with myself for being ‘vulnerable’.

Most people will say, ‘There was a germ going around’.

To this I say, ‘Well der! There are always germs around us, in the air, the water, what we eat and what we touch. It is our emotions – stresses, worry, self-doubt etc – that make us vulnerable and allow the germs to take hold.’

When I came down with this cold I realised that I was experiencing ‘fear of loss’. A situation in the present had reminded me of a series of rejections from the past, and whammo – along came the cold.

This is a phenomenon that I recognise – whenever I have a ‘loss’ emotion (grief, fear of loss etc) I become susceptible to the cold and flu germs.

This time my nose was running. Louise Hay says this is ‘inner crying’. It sure was. But as soon as I realised the loss was not real, I was able to start the recovery process, and two days later I was in perfect health again.

Naturally, the body was able to heal itself, and I helped it along by sleeping more and drinking lots of water, but basically it healed itself once the emotion was healed.

What has this to do with Feeling Energized and Younger?

Being Healthy and Being Energized - Joan SmallFeeling healthy and well ensures that we are being energized all the time. Also being in control of our own health and well-being keeps us healthier mentally, emotionally and physically.

I suggest to you that you take control of your own health and well-being, and allow your body to heal itself by using your mind and instincts, rather than reaching for that pill or medicine, or racing off to the doctor.

This is a beginning in being energized and feeling younger on a daily basis.

Being Energized and Feeling Younger - Joan SmallEnter your comments below, and tell me what you are doing to feel younger in 2013. If you can’t see the Comments link below, click on the title of this blog and it will take you to a page where you can scroll down and leave your reply. Visit: to find out about my book, ‘How To Be A Confident Woman’ or



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