‘Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally’

I never thought I would be here talking about How To Feel Young While Growing Older’…

How to Feel Young - 'Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally' Joan Small In fact, I didn’t believe I would grow older – but the years have a tendency to fly by.

But now I find myself in ‘The Third Age’, having overcome all manner of obstacles, but still able to laugh, have fun and enjoy life free of illnesses and ailments except for the occasional small ‘twinge’.  I can even look in the mirror and like what I see.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be helping other women to do what I have done so that they too can awake each day with joy and happiness.

Feeling young is a state of mind.
More than anything else, what we think every moment will
determine whether we feel young or old.

Joan Small

To actually live a life where I don’t have to feel pain, stress, worry or regret … to not have to make frequent visits to a doctor or hospital or to pop pills just to get me through the day, and to not fear the future because I am deteriorating with age is a magical thing!

Some days I just pinch myself as I review what my life is now, compared to when I was younger but sometimes feeling older than I do now …

Seeing the way I am now and how others perceive my youthfulness – even wanting to emulate me – and being able to choose the people I have around me and the activities I involve myself in that are not age-related,  I marvel. 

What a change – you just have to try it.

My new book, ‘Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally’  is a good step to add to your wealth of experience in how to maintain that youthful spring in your step, and feeling of youthfulness.

Visit website www.howtofeelyoung.com to read more and purchase the book with bonuses.

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