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Feeling Young - Energized women - Joan Small More than anything else, what we think every moment will  determine whether we feel young or old.
Joan Small

I have always been interested in staying young.

At the age of 19 I received a letter from my girlfriend who had turned 19 two weeks before me. She bemoaned the fact that we were ‘getting old’ and time was racing away. It was ludicrous to me. Old at 19! I was just setting out in life, having taken quite a lot of my childhood getting over being shy and self-conscious.

I have also always enjoyed the age I am at, and now in the ‘third age’ of life I know that our age in years is not the most important one – it is our ‘energized age’ that matters.

I am grateful to my friend because I lived with her and her family for two years from the age of 15, and I learned some things which I still practice today. She is still an inspiration in her attitude to life and the fact that she travels extensively overseas and loves it.

One thing I learned while I was living with her was how to exercise the jaw so as not to get a double chin. Sounds silly, but I still do this exercise today. It is a simple matter of just tightening the jaw while mimicking a chewing action but with the mouth open. It looks terrible, so I do it in private, but it seems to have worked because I have less of that dreaded second chin than some other women my age.

The double chin exercise is one of my first memories of picking up useful bits of information to help delay the process of aging.

I believe I have mastered (as much as we can ever ‘master’ anything) the art of ‘feeling young while growing older’ and I am sharing my insights, learnings and knowledge with you so that you too can feel young until the day you die.

The Dalai Lama said, ‘I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.”

Children - Feeling Young - Joan SmallPeople often hold up childhood as the ideal of happiness. Admittedly, children living in a free country in a loving family with enough food and other necessities for life exhibit a lightness of spirit, mind and body that typifies the youthfulness I talk about in this book. I am blessed that my grandchildren are in this category, and they are energized, happy and laugh a lot. If we observe happy children we can pick up some of the energy and absorb it into our being.

We can never stop learning new ways to be happy and feel young, and I trust you will enjoy the journey.

Spirit of the child - Feeling Young - Joan Small

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