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What Is Real About Ageing?

Feeling Young - Joan SmallAging, as in ‘advanced in years’ is real. Nobody can stop time marching on and the days on the calendar clicking over.

But what is generally thought of when we say ‘aging’ is the deterioration of the body and mind. I believe this does not have to happen as we advance in years.

I don’t believe in that sort of aging. I believe in ‘energized age’. The energy in the inner will reflect in the outer. In other words, how energized you feel will be the age people perceive you to be.

When I tell people my chronological age – the number of years I have lived in this lifetime – they are amazed. They tell me they had thought of me as ten or more years younger.

No Doctors?

untitledI want you to know that I don’t go to doctors unless I have a very good reason. A Visit to the Doctor A while ago my hearing was reducing, and from past experience I knew it meant a wax build up in my ears. As I lived for many years in a dusty environment in Australia’s Northern Territory my ears seem to produce extra wax which has to be removed from time to time, so I made an appointment and went to the doctor to have my ears syringed, and I used dissolving ear drops before my visit.

The doctor sat me down and questioned me about my health. He had obviously checked my age and therefore assumed I had problems other than wax in my ears.

‘How is your cholesterol level?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know. I never get it checked. I’m not interested in finding out.’

A shocked look (and perhaps shock from you too).

‘What about blood sugar?’

‘I don’t have any symptoms. I don’t bother about things like that’.

Another shocked look.

‘Can I check your blood pressure?’

I am always a little curious about my blood pressure, and as it isn’t an invasive test I let the doctor check it. When he removed the pressure wrap from my arm he looked at me with surprise written on his face.

‘It’s normal’, he said. ‘I’ll get the nurse to syringe your ears.’

He must have been disappointed that he couldn’t send me away with a prescription or an appointment for further tests or treatment.

While talking with the nurse I shared with her how easy and wonderful it was to have this simple cleansing procedure and to get perfect hearing back again. She agreed with me, and said that from time to time she saw people who were scheduled to receive hearing aids and wanted the wax cleared before they picked up their aids. However, once the wax was removed they no longer needed hearing aids. This is an example of where doctors and specialists have gone off the path and people are getting all manner of equipment or surgical treatments when the problem may be something very simple.

After my ear cleansing I walked out with a spring in my step as I could once more hear perfectly. It was good to know my blood pressure was fine, but if I had wanted this information I could just as easily have had it checked in a pharmacy without the fear of automatically and un-necessarily being prescribed medication.

I was luckier this year with my regular visit to have my ears syringed. The doctor just looked in my ears and sent me along to the nurse. I consider him an ‘enlightened’ medico.

There are patients who need to be able to talk through their problems with a doctor and I don’t want to take time from them.

I say: ‘If it is not broken – don’t fix it’.

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Live With Energy Joan


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