Dreams Do Come True – An Energizing Journey

England and Europe in 27 days – Energy and Excitement Plus

Joan Small in London

Joan in London

For years my favourite quote was: ‘Nothing happens unless first a dream’. (Carl Sandberg)

My dream, a European Holiday, happened in May-June this year, and I am still shaking my head as I can hardly believe it is true.

A 50 Year Dream Come True

After 50 years of wishin’ and hopin’ and dreamin’ as Dusty Springfield sings in her song … I travelled to England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Bavaria/Frankonia, and Czech Republic – all in just 27 days.
What a whirlwind. (Visit my Gallery for some of the 6000 pictures I took).

Joan Small Emerald Sky - Our Cruise Ship

Emerald Sky – Our Cruise Ship

People ask me, ‘What was the highlight?’ 

Joan Small - Peter Pan Statue Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan Statue Kensington Gardens

How can I possibly answer this? But on pondering I can only say the ‘experience of being there’ was the highlight.

Also, the amazing tour guides and tour co-ordinators, like Simona on board ship, and Sabine for our 3 days in Prague, who looked after all her ‘Aussie Merinos’ – yes, we felt like sheep sometimes too, tagging after our guides. Also, the wonderful friendly people on our ship – ‘The Emerald Sky’.

Joan Small Door at Tower of LondonJoan Small Joan Small Door at Tower of London

Door at Tower of London

I loved the ornate doors everywhere we went, the cobble-stoned streets with beautiful/ pretty/ historic buildings – so much history everywhere. The quirky things and the funny – the merry-go-round ride at the base of the Eiffel Tower, and the buskers in the streets. The weather was mostly glorious, and the ship was luxurious – lovely people and staff on board. So much to remember and re-experience with pleasure.

Despite catching a nasty ‘bug’ and my ankle and feet hurting, I was still energized every day, and amazingly the time went slowly. Coral and I paced ourselves, and just enjoyed being in the ‘Now’.  And what a wonderful now it was.

Joan Small - shipboard friends, Gwen, Gloria,  Jeanette, and Bernie with Coral and Me

Shipboard friends, Gwen, Gloria, Jeanette, and Bernie with Coral and Me at the Celebration of the highest lock.

I apologise for raving on, but there was so much crammed in that I can re-visit in my mind at any time the joys of these countries, so different from Oz.

I was amazed that we needed no passports after leaving England, and the only currency was the Euro until we arrived in Prague. Most people spoke English, and in France and Germany they laughed when I attempted to speak their language, and then replied in English.  (It was great being able to read the signs, though, and Coral thought I was clever!)

The world is getting smaller.

This is my ‘brief’ summary of what we saw and did on our Energizing Journey.

Joan Small at StonehengJoan Small at Stonehenge

At Stonehenge

In England I especially loved Kensington Gardens with the statue of Peter Pan (I had seen the replica in Queen’s Park in Perth, Western Australia); the Tower of London; Windsor Castle – the opulence and watching the changing of the guard, not to mention the exquisite gardens; Stonehenge – to walk around these ancient incredible huge and significant stones.

Joan Small Eiffel Tower, Paris

Inside the Eiffel Tower, Paris

In Paris:  Notre Dame Cathedral – the outside sculptures and arches as much as the inside;  and being inside the Eiffel Tower – we walked back down hundreds of steps; Montmartre with the artists and cute shops and restaurants – the amazing view of Paris and Sacré Cœur Cathedral.

Brussels – the lace, and the delicious waffles with cream and strawberries.

Amsterdam – Canals and glorious flowers (a few old windmills too)

Joan Small in AmsterdamJoan Small in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam – Canals

The Amazing rivers – the Rhein and Danube – the most beautiful watercourse – passing green and lush forests, historic houses, cathedrals and wineries and castles on every hilltop

Cologne (Koln) with its perfume and the didgeridoo buskers in the street
Linz with its pretty half-timbered houses on the Market Square, and the old city hall (Rathaus)
The Mechanical Music  Museum at Rudesheim – all working huge ‘music boxes’ some playing whole orchestras of music

Joan Small in Miltenberg

In Miltenberg

Miltenberg and Wertheim – twin cities – wandering through the attractive half-timbered streets and drinking delicious hot chocolate at a street cafe while we watched the world go by
Rothenburg with its plethora of mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque buildings.

Bamberg  – a lovely UNESCO World Heritage city in Franconia (Bavaria) on the River Regnitz where I bought a beautiful blue blouse in a shop that was playing John Farnham’s ‘Age of Reason’! (I wonder if they play Aussie music especially for Aussie ships coming in, and switch to US music when the US ships arrive??!!)

Joan Small at Nuremberg Castle

At Nuremberg Castle

At Nuremberg, on the Main-Danube Canal, we visited the Documentation Centre with history of Hitler’s rule – also saw some of the remnants of his megalomania and the war in the town.  Then to the Nuremberg Castle which as just amazing with its tunnels, ramparts, incredible stonework – all beautifully restored, and view of the city.

Joan Small - Kelheim Liberation Hall

Kelheim Liberation Hall

Kelheim on the Danube was a small mediaeval town ladi out on a grid pattern. The Liberation Hall (1842-63) on Michaelsberg Hill, which could be seen for miles around, was built by Ludwig I of Bavaria to commemorate Bavarians who fell in the Napoleonic Wars
We were taken on a small boat cruise down the Danube where the river flows through a dramatic gorge characterized by chalk cliffs. We tasted the beer, and disembarked to walk to the Weltenburg Abbey – the oldest monestary in Bavaria.

Regensburg, in Germany, is the northernmost city on the Danube and contains 1300 listed buildings – many of which are Italian style

Joan Small at The Residence

At Passau – The Old Residence

Passau‘s highlight was the ‘Old Residence’ – such a plain name for a magnificent building where the sculptures and paintings from floor to ceiling made me gasp. Then there were the magnificent gardens. Unfortunately it rained, making the garden visit a quick trip.
Linz – the Capital of Upper Austria, led us to
Salzburg in Austria – another dream come true – to visit the site of my favourite musical, ‘The Sound of Music’, and also the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here we saw Baron Von Trapp’s house, the avenue where Maria and the children danced singing ‘Doh, Ray, Me’ and the fountain in the gardens of the Residenzplatz, not to mention the actual gazebo where Kurt sang ‘You are Sixteen’. (Our tour guides had words and music so we could sing along!)

Joan Small at Salzburg - Doh Ray Me stairs

At Salzburg – Doh Ray Me stairs

We wandered through the square where Maria and the Von Trapp family escaped from the Germans, walked through the cemetery where they hid – a beautifully kept cemetery with gardens, and took the funicular to the Salzburg Castle – another amazing view.
The Benedictine Abbey at Melk was even more opulent – Italian Baroque-style architecture on a grand scale, and the abbey church with gold-plated statues
In Vienna we took a bus tour,  a guided walking tour and then wandered back to the ship – found a wonderful coffee shop with delectable Viennese specialty cake. In the evening we were taken to a concert of Strauss and Mozart with ballet. As always, not enough time here.

Joan Small in Bratislava

With Miro our guide in Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia and my favourite city because of our wonderful tour guide – a young man called Miro, and the chance to shake the hand of my favourite story-teller – Hans Christian Anderson. Although Danish, he had visited Bratislava and so fallen in love with the city that he wrote some of his best stories thereafter.
Budapest – made up of the two cities, Pest and Buda, which were joined to make Hungary’s capital in 1873 – is another beautiful city. Our bus tour took us to both sides of the river, and to the high point at Buda’s Castle Hill, dominated by the Church of St. Matthias. Here I observed repairs to the cobbled streets.

Joan Small at the Heroes Square in Budapest

At the Heroes Square in Budapest

The Heroes Square in Pest was the ultimate of amazing huge statues in one place. Overwhelming.

We left the ship in Budapest and travelled by road to Prague, capital of Czech Republic, where we stayed in the luxurious K & K Hotel near the city square. Highlights were the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock. I purchased a beautiful garnet ring and earrings, as Prague is known for its garnets.


Joan Small at Prague Castle

At Prague Castle

Back Home on the Gold Coast after my ‘Maiden Voyage”

I flew home from Prague via Frankfurt and Singapore (leaving Coral there to return to Darwin).  The jet lag and the 3 weeks it took me to recover from the ‘Dreaded Lurgy’ didn’t detract in any way from the outstanding experience and ‘better than anticipated’ flit through Europe. It was worth waiting 50 years for. I can now say that I have taken my ‘Maiden Voyage’  – one of many to come I am sure – but can also happily say – it’s great to be home and I still love the Gold Coast and appreciate Australia’s many wonders.

Joan Small - Sabine, our wonderful tour coordinator from

Sabine, our wonderful tour coordinator from Prague

Joan Small Sunset on the Danube

Sunset on the Danube

Joan Small - Budapest by night

Budapest by night

Joan Small Castle on a Bridge - Danube River

Castle on a Bridge – Danube River

Joan Small with Simona

With our lovely Tour Coordinator, Simona


6 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True – An Energizing Journey

  1. Scott Lamshed says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. You have visited many places that I too wish to visit. Even though I have travelled extensively throughout different places in Europe there are so many more to visit to which you have tasted.

    Well write, well experienced and well told for us all to enjoy. Thank you!!

    1. Joan Small says:

      Thanks Scott, I do hope your dreams of more European travel do come true. So glad you enjoyed my account. Best wishes, Joan

  2. Eva Bennett says:

    Sounds like you had the magic holiday Joan. I have been to some of the countries you mentioned- Germany, Austria, Czech, & my dream for the past few years has been to travel to Estonia, where my mother grew up & Poland, where my father grew up. So I need to get really focussed on bringing that dream into reality.

    1. Joan Small says:

      Yes, Eva – a magical holiday. It would be wonderful for you to see the countries of your heritage, and I believe Poland is very beautiful. I know little of Estonia. I would particularly like to see Krakow – as you know, I wrote ‘Precious Freedom – A True Story of the Polish Underground (AK) WWII’ for Kazimierz Gawor ( http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Precious%20Freedom%20Kazimierz%20Gawor ) and developed a real interest in Poland as a result. Hold onto your dream and it will come true, just as mine did. Live With Energy – Joan

  3. Glad to see you are making your dreams come true Joan.
    I have been very blessed in my life and had the opportunity to fulfill my teenage wishes early on.
    I found myself in a position at 35 having lived my dreams, trying to find new direction. Felt like I had reached maturity in some ways prematurely. I was ready for retirement and I don’t mean financially. My goals were heart based and passion driven – life was lived and many adventures had.
    Am now happy being a wife, mum and business owner trying not to offend too many funeral directors every time I have to turn down work.
    I am happy doing my pastoral care work at the hospital as a volunteer which rounds out a very full life. Not very exciting for some but I have had my share of excitement and am very happy to sit in the wings and savour the moments.
    Continue to take good care of you Joan. I am very pleased for your successes.
    Lisa x

    1. Joan Small says:

      Thanks Lisa for your beautiful comment and the sentiments expressed in it. It is wonderful to hear from people who have overcome obstacles and challenges to live the life of their dreams. Lots of love and may you continue to make dreams come true. Joan

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