Spring – Cleaning and Clearing the Energy

Cleanse and Clear as you Transition from Spring to Summer  (Sprummer)

GoldenTreeAs Spring evolves out of Winter and into Summer (someone said in Australia we should call Spring to Summer ‘Sprummer’) the warmth of the sun seems to stimulate the energy that tells us ‘Spring is the time for Clearing and Cleaning away the cobwebs of Clutter and Congestion’.

I am clearing out my house again in more ways than one.

I have shared with at least one other person ever since I moved to the Gold Coast in 2001. I could write a book about my experiences and what I have learned. One of my main lessons is to clear the energy after one person leaves, before another moves in.  How I do this is to:

  • Get the house cleaned – professionally, not just my ‘once over’ haphazard dust, sweep and mop!  I have found two ‘cleaning angels who, for a very reasonable price make my place pristine.
  • Ring my little bell in all the corners – using the vibration to cleanse and clear.
  • Sort through my own clutter and throw out/organise/give away what I have accumulated over the period. Instead of waiting to move myself, I use someone else’s ‘moving out’ to do my own sorting.

I know a lot of people use sage for clearing, and I may even do it this time, as I want to attract the sort of person with whom I can live in harmony.  This is just as important with a housemate as with a relationship partner, I feel.

The next thing is to visualise and attract the person who really wants to live here, and I want to share with.  I know my home is a wonderful place to live – I love it, and I want the other person to love it just as much.

So if you read this, and you feel you want a ‘Spring Change’ and a wonderful home to live in, please contact me at joansmall@bigpond.com . It will put a spring in my step, and yours too!

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Live with Energy,


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