How To Be A Confident Woman

Woman_alone_254wBook – ‘How To Be A Confident Woman’ – Joan Small

How To Gain Confidence and Let Your Light Shine

You’re About To Discover How You Can Have Confidence …

  • With Your Peers
  • In a Social Situation
  • At Work
  • In front of an audience
  • With new stuff

You will learn…

  • Simple tried and tested steps you can take to become confident
  • How to discover the unique you and let your light shine
  • How to build your fan club of people to ‘have in your corner’
  • 6 ways to be confident in social situations
  • How to be confident in getting a job and at work
  • Being confident in front of an audience
  • How to handle new stuff confidently
  • You as the Expert – stepping out confidently to share what you know


Below: Video interviews with successful women on the subject of ‘confidence’. 

ConfidentWoman_3How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine – Joan Small

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Have you ever felt insecure, nervous, anxious unworthy or lacking confidence …

  • When you walk into a room where you don’t know anyone….
  • When you are put on the spot and asked to express your point of view
  • When all the faces turn to look at you …
  • When you’re in a job interview and your mind goes blank …
  • When you’re asked to present to a group on your subject or area of expertise and you can’t find the words …
  • When you are faced with new technology and are afraid to ask questions …
  • When you stand in front of an audience to give a presentation or speech?

Do you fear:

  • Rejection from your peers or others
  • Feeling stupid, inadequate, not up to the task
    Losing your job
  • Losing the good opinion of loved ones or friends
    Feeling dumb or stupid
  • Now You Can Gain Confidence in all areas of your life

narelleStratfordHow Easy it is For Anyone to Change Their Life by Having Confidence

I have just finished reading your book “How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine” and I am so impressed. You have covered all of the important points of how confidence improves and enhances all facets of your life, and how you can be affected with low self-esteem if you are lacking in confidence.

I especially liked reading your own story, and how easy it is for anyone to change their life by having confidence, and of course, how to get it! Your poems are really beautiful too.

If you don’t have Joan’s book, then you really are missing out on a wealth of great information which quite possibly will turn your life around.

Narelle Stratford, Psychologist,

How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine – Joan Small
Provides the Answers


Joan Small

Joan Small A.U.A. Has been a leader in many fields – teaching, tourism, politics, customer service, public relations, business and more. In 1997 she was a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards.

Joan served as a counsellor for the Australian Breastfeeding Association as well as being a wife, mother, teacher and taking on various other careers and community activities.

She spent more than 20 years in the nutrition industry helping others regain health and energy.

Now an Advanced Communicator Gold with International Toastmasters, Joan shares her message with confidence.

As a writer, in 2004 Joan conducted surveys, did extensive research and wrote ‘The Energy Book for Life – the Guidebook to Energized Living’ (

She has written several books.

Hi, my name is Joan, and I can help you gain confidence in several areas, to obtain greater success and happiness.

 I have experienced lack of confidence and low self esteem, but I have now come to a point where I feel confident and self-assured in most areas. The strategies I have used and which I have successfully shared with others can help you to let go of the fears and let your light shine.

I was not always confident – quite the opposite in fact.

I used to be a shy person, afraid to speak up for myself – introverte and self-conscious.

I can trace my lack of confidence back to my relationship with my father, who rarely let me speak, and when I did it seemed I couldn’t say what he wanted or expected me to say. My way of solving this problem was to cry and then to hide.

What I really did was ‘hide my light’. I was afraid to show who I really was for fear I would be ridiculed or criticized.

I was sensitive to the opinions of others, and while I craved appreciation and recognition for the abilities that I sensed I had, I was reluctant to try and reveal them.

A Decision

I made the decision that communicating was painful, and I was careful about who I communicated with. This made my school life a struggle – I was a loner.

Have you made similar decisions because something you did was too painful, and you didn’t want to repeat the experience?

At the age of 11 I was subjected to the taunts of a couple of bully girls and the other girls in my class avoided me like the plague because they were worried that if they supported me they would also become victims.
My problem was that I had LSE – Low Self Esteem.

Although I was intelligent and clever at most of my school subjects I attracted bullying from my teachers as well. Just as dogs can sense if somebody is fearful, so the people with tendencies to control or bully others seem to be able to hone in on the fear that comes from low self esteem, and capitalise on it.


A Turning Point

After my eleventh birthday I was able to join the Girl Guide movement, and this was a turning point in my life. I found myself in an organisation that rewarded talent and leadership and gave me opportunities to express myself. I became a different person there – even taking on the role of a Junior Brownie Pack Leader.

JoanSmall_Brownies_250webJoan Small – Brownie Pack Leader

At Girl Guides I quickly passed tests and became a patrol leader. In this environment I was at last feeling confident, discovering who I really was underneath the insecurities and I began to come out of my shell.



A Solution to Bullying

With my new-found confidence, I teamed up with two girls in my class, and so we became a threesome. That was enough to deter the bullies, as they saw I had strong support. They would not take on the three of us and moved on to find another victim.

I learned a valuable lesson about creating my own ‘fan club’.

Without realizing it, I was laying the groundwork to make changes in my life and to step up and become more confident.

From this early age I became an observer of life, and have continued to learn and practice ways to successfully step up to the next level. These experiences and more have enabled me to pull together a wealth of valuable information that you can use to also become more confident, as I did.

Easy To Read Style, Undiluted Honesty And Insightful Advice

Dimity-Powell-150Dimity Powell

Joan Small’s latest self help book, How to Be a Confident Woman is not just another collection of suggestions aimed at creating positive thought. Rather it is a thought provoking look at that almost intangible quality, confidence, which can, depending on the amount you possess, help or hold you back in nearly all aspects of life.

Joan’s words pierced the very core of my belief system, yet not in a painful way. Her easy to read style, undiluted honesty and insightful advice provided a straightforward explanation of what confidence is, how best to evoke it, and above all preserve it.

Finding one’s confidence can be like turning on light in an erstwhile darkened room. Once found, its brilliance can linger with you for a long time after, just as Joan’s book did. …

Dimity Powell, Children’s Writer, Gold Coast –


ConfidentWoman_3How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine – Joan Small
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To continue with my story….

Another Turning Point

grandma_foxFurWhen I was 13 my parents moved to Australia’s Northern Territory – more than 2600 kilometres from our former home in Perth, and I boarded with my grandmother to attend High School.

Unfortunately my grandmother was in the category of people who thought I was unworthy. By this time I was not willing to let others decide who I was, so at the end of the first year, when my best girlfriend moved to Adelaide with her family, I made arrangements to live with them.

This was a turning point in my life and set me firmly on the path towards greater confidence.

My foster family welcomed me into their home, thought well of me and provided me with opportunities to find my voice, although it was still scary sometimes.

Of course I had to start at a new school, knowing no-one except my girlfriend, and I was put in a different class from her. This was a challenging experience for me, based on my past experiences. I had to make new friends and start all over again.

The lessons I learnt and the challenges I faced and overcame laid the groundwork for my path to confidence. I have followed and built on these learnings throughout my life.

A Great Tool To Keep Handy When You Are Feeling Unsure Of Yourself.

NatashaJonesThank you for your ‘How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine’ . I found the content both interesting and practical. You have a great sense of humour and responsibility that I know will touch and support many people as it has with me.

There are plenty of examples and exercises to practice and tips to be aware of that bring their rewards. I particularly love all the inspirational quotes that you have added to remind us that our individual experiences have already been had by many people before us and this too is a key to our learning.

Confidence is something I find that there is always room to improve on if you choose a life of personal growth and spiritual development. Mostly because we are constantly challenging ourselves to do things outside our comfort zones.

Your ‘How To Be A Confident Woman’ book in my opinion is a great tool to keep handy when you are feeling unsure of yourself.
For someone who once lacked confidence, I can see that you ‘practice what you preach’ as your own confidence seems so natural. Thank you for sharing your words and experience and for being so inspiring. You have given me the confidence on many an occasion to aim for the best I can be and go for it. Thanks a million Joan. …

Natasha Jones Intuitive Reader, Self Healing Facilitator and Relationship Coach,


ConfidentWoman_3How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine – Joan Small
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Growing Into Adulthood – Stepping Up

JoanSmall_graduationAfter leaving school I enrolled at the Adelaide Teacher’s College and this was another defining moment.

Because my home was in the country, I boarded in a Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) hostel where many other teaching students from the country also stayed. I decided I would change my name to Joanne, and create a new ‘persona’ – the confident me. (Some people might call this ‘fake it till you make it’)

My room was in the middle of a long corridor. On the first day I stood in the doorway and introduced myself as Joanne to each new resident who walked past.
I did the same on the first day at my teachers’ college – taking the initiative to introduce myself to the other students.

People responded to my friendly approach, and in the next few days I had made about 16 new friends.

In this way I immediately had a group to hang out with – a larger ‘fan club’, not only where I lived but also at the teachers’ college and my self-esteem increased even more.

I had ‘acted as if’ I was confident and outgoing, and other people responded to me as if I really was.

GC-SWAP-AT-NZ-low-resNaturally, there were times when I had self doubt and insecurity, but I had supportive friends to help me through. In the next years I spent many fun weekends visiting my friends’ homes and having exciting outings and adventures with them. Some of them spent holidays at my home in the Northern Territory too, and many have become lifelong friends.

This is just one of the strategies I have implemented as I travelled on my journey, that has enabled me to bounce back from adversity, put negatives behind me and continue to take on new challenges with confidence.

I can help you to do the same.

Research – A Survey

To research this book I surveyed about 50 people with the following questions:

  • In what areas do you lack confidence
  • How would your life change if you had confidence in these areas?
  • What are your fears that cause you to lack confidence?
  • From the responses I received I was able to tailor my book to answer the most common fears, frustrations and barriers to confidence.

I have produced a book which will help you to gain that confidence you want and need in all areas of your life.

ConfidentWoman_3How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine – Joan Small
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Australia only – $20 AUD





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To continue:…

Marriage, Family and More Challenges

After I returned to my home town to teach I fell in love and married. We had three sons, and I was a ‘stay at home’ mum for the first years of the children’s lives.
When my boys were at school I returned to teaching where I confidently taught small children.

However, when it came to speaking up in meetings with my peers – the teaching staff – my confidence faded. I experienced the bodily symptoms – shortness of breath, palpitations, stumbling over my words and more…

Left: Joan Small Toastmasters Speech
Contest Winner
Why was this?

Because I suffered from two main fears – fear of others opposing my point of view, and fear of rejection of who I was.

I looked for a way to improve my general communication skills so that I could overcome the palpitations and stress that I felt about speaking up with my peers.


The Solution

The solution I found was to join a speaking group.

People said to me ‘Why do you need speaker training when you are a school teacher?’

My answer – ‘Children are not critical like adults can be. It is a totally different thing standing in front of a group of school children than it is speaking to adults.’

My confidence grew after I made the decision to push through my fears and practice speaking. It helped me, not only to make speeches in front of an audience, but also to collect my thoughts and express myself more confidently in meetings and social situations.

This was the next part in my journey to gain confidence and reveal my true self with pride.

As I went on through my life as a wife, a mother of three lively boys and took on other roles, jobs and businesses I met many more challenges. Negative people and challenging situations cropped up to divert me from my path and throw me back into the insecure child I used to be.

I found that no matter how much older we become, there are some things that trigger us returning us to the past.


I had to handle other people’s perceptions of who I was, so I

  • went to courses,
  • read books, and
  • even did some ‘processing’ (therapy) to handle the issues from my past that were holding me back.

As I had wins, added to my accomplishments and began sharing my ideas I became stronger. Not only did it work for me, but I was able to help others gain the confidence they wanted.

I became a mentor and a leader in many fields – in business, community and home.

My journey was a long one, but I can short circuit this for you with ‘How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine’.

Surveys show that women are still lacking in confidence in the workplace, and in the US – employee confidence is down.

Institute Of Leadership and Management Survey (UK) shows women lack confidence

According to a survey by management experts, the biggest obstacle on women’s climb to the top is their level of confidence – not their gender. The poll of 3,000 members of the Institute of Leadership and Management revealed that women managers have lower levels of ambition and confidence than their male counterparts. February 2011

Your personal confidence will impact on whether you move forward in your work or career.

Employee Confidence is Down in the US

Glassdoor’s third quarter Employment Confidence Survey of more than 2,250 U.S. adults that reveals Americans are nervous.

More than half (56 percent) of employees think the recent volatility in the economy and financial markets will impact their job or career.

Of these:

  • 30 percent think their career advancement will be slowed
  • 28 percent think their job will be in jeopardy
  • 25 percent think their bonus or pay/commission will be reduced
    (Oct 4th 2011 )

Confidence in Social Situations

Survey on Social Confidence

People feel most confident in social situations such as bars, clubs and parties when they are in their mid-30s, a survey of 2,000 adults showed.

More than one in four of those surveyed said they did not feel in control of their own lives, and two out of five worried about getting old.

The most satisfactory balance of work and family life was achieved at 34, but 41-year-olds thought they made the most of life more so than any other age group.

The survey was undertaken by The Huffington Post UK. (28th October 2011)


These surveys and others show that regardless of age and gender more and more people are lacking confidence in various situations, and this is impacting their lives.

In the book “How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine” I have presented the most valuable lessons I learned and applied in a way you can easily put them into practice.

Here are the chapters

Chapter 1 Hiding Your Light
Chapter 2. Find The Unique You – Who You Really Are
Chapter 3. Build Your Fan Club
Chapter 4. Be Confident With Your Peers
Chapter 5 Be Confident in a Social Situation
Chapter 6 Be Confident At Work
Chapter 7 Be Confident In Front of An Audience
Chapter 8 Be Confident With New Stuff
Chapter 9 Be Confident As An Expert
Chapter 10 Step Up With Confidence and Allow Your Light To Shine

Purchase your copy now and start straight away to become the confident you,
to achieve greater success and happiness.

ConfidentWoman_3How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine – Joan Small
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Australia only – $20 AUD

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… To be honest with you, if I added up all of the hours that I have poured into this book, I’d have to charge you mjany more dollars just for my time, not to mention the time others have spent helping me with my research.

I could easily sell this book/course for $60 – and it would still be great value AND worth a whole lot more. But I’ve come up with a price that’s fair for both of us, and I wanted to keep the price reasonable so that you can benefit the way I have. I want to get this information out as widely as possible because I know it is very much needed by many.

I just want to eliminate any excuses at all for you not buying this book, and getting your life back, starting today

So for just $20.00 AUD I’m sure you can’t complain about it being expensive. That’s a bargain in anyone’s language.

Surely you are worth just $20.00 to regain your Confidence and your success and happiness

You have nothing to lose, but your lack of confidence

If you’re like I was … You will want to start putting into action these simple solutions to tiredness straight away. No more procrastinating or waiting for other solutions to appear.

Check it out and click on the BuyNow button to claim your copy and get started with your new life NOW

With the information included in this Ebook you can be assured that you will be equipped with the knowledge you need and can start immediately on the road to being energized with greater Confidence..Confidence in Social Situation


Within days you will begin to notice a difference if you just follow these 10 simple strategies.

Imagine how you will feel when Confidence is no longer and issue in your life.

You have two choices

1. Keep doing what you are doing and pray that things will get better — OR
2. Take your life back by saying “No” to lack of confidence, and stepping up today. .

I truly wish you the same life changing results as I had …

Best Wishes
Joan Small

So, if you are serious about being confident and you want the book “How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine” to use as your essential guide to revitalizing you life, then your search is over … you are just moments away from having it ALL (and more) for only $20.00

You can begin to make those changes today to gain confidence and have more success and happiness..

ConfidentWoman_3How To Be A Confident Woman – Let Your Light Shine – Joan Small
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Australia only – $20 AUD

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