A New Year – New Energy – New Resolves

Energize Yourself Anew in 2012

New Year's Eve Fireworks, Sydney

New Year's Eve Fireworks, Sydney

2012 started off with a bang with fireworks shooting to the sky everywhere. What a symbol of energy that is, although it’s not exactly ‘clean’ energy.

It’s ironic that so much is said about polluting the atmosphere and yet millions of dollars goes up in smoke to herald each New Year – but I won’t go there!!

As the 7th Principle in ‘The Hawaiian Way’ says, ‘There is always a better way of doing things’, and my better way of looking at the fireworks is to marvel at their beauty.

New Year’s Eve Party

New Years Eve Fireworks Sydney - Joan SmallOn New Years Eve I partied with friends at their unit in Southport where, from the roof of the building, we could see fireworks from Paradise Point to Broadbeach, not to mention the beautiful lights of the Gold Coast. The images from my camera were disappointing though, so when I came home I watched the recording of the Sydney fireworks display and took these photos of the television.

Watch this Beautiful Video Here
The images, music and message are superb, and will certainly energize and uplift you.

A Christmas Party to Energize

At Christmas and New Year there is so much to celebrate, and this in itself is energizing. I was fortunate in celebrating with my son and his beautiful family in Darwin. My daughter-in-law and her Chinese relations have a big family gathering in a hall.

A Cyclone that didn’t happen in Darwin

Power WingsCyclone Grant was hovering off the north coast of Australia, and the weather bureau was issuing warnings, but I was confident it was not going to spoil our Christmas, and it didn’t. In fact the weather was so dry that my grandsons and their friends were able to try out their new power wings outside.

What a wonderful loving environment it was, and they were very accepting of me, despite my very Aussie/European background. Most of them have been in Darwin for several generations, so we had traditional Christmas dinner, and I felt quite at home. There was not one disagreement or cross word, and no children cried. The energy, friendship and cameraderie was amazing.


The party started at midday and ended late at night, and during the afternoon while the children played computer games some of the adults played Mahjong. 

‘Resolve’ for the New Year

I came home energized and enthused to start the New Year with some resolutions, or what I prefer to call ‘Resolves’.

‘Resolve’ is not a should, or must-do word. It puts the power and decision back to where it belongs, to ‘me, myself and I’.

Resolve, used as a verb, means ‘To make up ones mind, determine, decide.’ Another meaning is ‘to clear up, dispel, or to answer, solve, explain.’  The word is derived from the Latin ‘re’, meaning ‘back’, and ‘solvere’, to ‘loosen’. It has all the elements in it that I am putting forward – loosening up, letting go, having a clear purpose, listening to the inner voice, and determining or deciding what you wish to do, then going ahead and doing it when the time is right.

Resolve - Joan Small
Cartoon by Robin Small

There is no right and wrong with the word ‘resolve’ because it means that you decide. What I know is that if you resolve to do something it means an intention. ‘Intention is cause’  if put out into the Universe with enough resolve.
Commitment – A Promise to Yourself

The word resolve contains within it an element of commitment. Once you have made up your mind, or ‘resolved’ to do something, you have committed to it. As a noun it means ‘firmness in carrying out a purpose, determination.’

Jim Rohn once asked some children for a definition of the word resolve. His favourite one was, ‘A promise to myself that I will never give up.’

I offer the word ‘resolve’ as a gift to you and invite you to use it as often as you wish, especially as we go into the New Year.

What promise will you make to yourself that you will never give up on?

I have already started on my promises to myself. Tomorrow I will submit ‘The Hawaiian Way – Live the Principles’ by Dean Callaway for printing. I am proud of the fact that I have captured Dean’s words and workshops into print, and this will be an amazing book to change lives.

Dean’s book will be available at the Broadbeach , Gold Coast Qld Health, Harmony & Soul Expo from 20th January 2012. Put it in your diaries now if you live in SE Queensland.  

I also have two new books I am writing for myself, so watch this space.

New Year’s Resolve

 A New Year’s beginning to make resolutions.
For all of your problems come up with solutions.
But do you resolve to really take action?
Get focussed on change, put away all distractions?
The simple solution is always the best.
So give it a go, and put it to test.
(c) Joan Small

 I would love to hear about your ‘promises to yourself’ – your ‘Resolves’ for 2012.

Leave a reply below, or if you cannot see where to comment, click on the title of the post and it will take you through to a page where you can scroll down to the bottom and write your views. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Live with Energy
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Are You Energized Before Christmas?

What is Your Energy Leading Up To Christmas? 

Santa sleeping

Resting up Before Christmas

Is it Neutral, Partying, Harrassed, Depressed, Remembering?

This time of year can mean many different things.

For children it is usually an uncomplicated time. They just know they are excited; anticipating the happiness that will come on Christmas morning when they receive gifts and have delicious sweets and other foods to eat. One of my sons would begin to get the Christmas feeling when he saw the stone fruit in the shops. Living in the ‘bush’ we couldn’t visit Santa,  or have Christmas Carols playing everywhere we went.

What are your feelings around Christmas?

Because my grown up children and grandchildren now live far away from me, I don’t always get to spend Christmas with them, so it can be a sad time if I allow it to be. However, I have learned to handle these feelings and create a happy energized Christmas for myself. This year it is easy, as I am spending it with my youngest son and my three gorgeous grandsons in Darwin, so I too am excited.

Neutral Energy

At the same time I am coasting along in Neutral. This position can feel a bit like depression – boredom, as normal activities start to wind down leading up to that much advertised and hyped up ‘once-a-year’ day. All the focus seems to be upon Christmas Day, so normal pursuits are winding down.

At the same time, parties are winding up.

Party Energy

Santa Party

Santa Party

So your energy may be Party Mode energy. This can be great, but then there may also be the anti-climax – after the party is over and you’re back home, perhaps even with a headache as a result.

Harrassed Energy

You may be feeling the pinch financially, wondering how you are going to buy all those presents and the food and drinks you need to ‘celebrate properly’, and prove to others that you really love them. You may be running out of time.

Remembering Energy

Remembering past Christmases can be good or bad. You may go back in your mind to happy Christmases, and this can be energizing and give you a glow inside, or it may make you feel sad that this Christmas perhaps won’t measure up. You may have lost someone close to you that made your Christmases of the past happy ones.

There is sometimes so much to think about around Christmas that we may feel like bypassing it altogether. I saw a movie once about a family that decided not to celebrate Christmas, but of course in the end they joined in the fun.

Fun Energy

The energy of fun and enjoyment is perhaps the best way to approach Christmas, but the most important thing is to have no expectations. If we just go with the flow and accept what is,  then we won’t be disappointed., and every small pleasure will help to ‘make our day’.

Live in the Now

Joan Small and Geesje Brown


Enjoy the moment, celebrate, and be grateful for the small joys as they come up. Don’t judge the gifts, just be grateful that someone took the time to think of you and give you something.

A couple of years in a row I worked with Tony Robbins’ team to deliver hampers to needy people, and I reveled in the happiness they showed in their faces when they received the hampers packed with food and luxuries. One lady said, ‘Do you mean I have a friend who cares enough about me to give me such a gift?’ She had been unwell, and had locked herself away, but now her face was beaming. This was a gift to me, as well as to her. I felt wonderful having brightened her day.

We hear so much about the Spirit of Giving, but there is also the Spirit of Receiving.

The Spirit of Receiving

When we receive what we have been given with happiness in our heart and reflect it in our faces with big smiles and genuine pleasure, the giver gets the glow also.

I wrote this little poem some years ago, and it is my gift to you this Christmas.

Giving and Receiving

They say it’s more blessed to give than receive.
But that’s how they see it, how they perceive.
For giving is one thing that’s easy to do.
It makes me feel good when I’m giving to you.

But better than this is receiving a gift.
By thanking the giver, I give you a lift.
When gratitude shows
For the thing you have done,
You’re rewarded because you’re
The most special one.

 By giving I show that I selflessly live.
When receiving I bless you,
Not just when I give.

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Live with Energy
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Celebrating is Energizing – Celebrate Every Day

Celebration Party – An Energizing Experience

Part of the Group, enthralled by the entertainment

Part of the Group, enthralled by the entertainment

I could not have hoped for a more uplifting and energizing experience than my Celebration Party on Sunday, and judging by the comments I received from the more than 50 guests, verbally and in my Visitor Book, a lot of people felt the same way.

Some of the comments were:

What a beautiful gathering of lovely people and a fantastic celebration of life… A wonderful afternoon of satsana with so many embodiments of love – thank you all … Rich and delightful gathering of artists at Christmas … Joan, what an awesome afternoon of celebration and talent. You have an amazing group of friends. … Such a blessing to have you as a friend and to be a part of today in sharing ‘Celebrations’ together. …Honoured to be invited to your wonderful Celebration Day Gathering … Thanks so much for welcoming me into your life, your friendship and home – uplifting and soul nurturing … Beautiful lady, beautiful home.

Can I take all the credit for the energy in the room? 

Of course not. Sure I facilitated it, sent out the invitations, provided the venue, organised the seating, snacks and fruit punch etc, but the people who came and contributed were the success factor.

In my book, ‘Negativity No More’ and also in ‘Confidence is Key’ I talk about the importance of choosing your friends. Sunday’s party showed that I have done a stella job of choosing beautiful people to surround myself with.

Despite the fact that the guests came from many different areas of my life and ranged in age from the 30s to the 80s and 90s, they mixed and mingled, made new connections, and no-one was allowed to be on their own. We formed a wonderful ‘fan club’ for each other.

The Entertainment was Amazing

Deborah Leigh-Russell

Deborah Leigh-Russell

The party turned into a ‘Soiree’ – an afternoon of friends, music, poetry and performances as guests volunteered to share their talents. 

The featured singer, Deborah Leigh-Russell, was as always amazing, with her angelic voice filling the room and engulfing everyone with its magic as she sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, ‘Climb Every Mountain’, ‘Unforgettable’ and more. Deborah has produced her new (re-mastered) CD – SOUL – Symphony Of Universal Love.

Audrey Todd is also a singer – of folk songs – and she livened up the group with a couple of favourites, encouraging us to join in.

Audrey Todd

Audrey Todd

Then there were the poets from Poetry in Paradise and some readings. The variety was amazing, and the audience  was loudly appreciative.

Sharing the Celebrations

Everybody shared what they had to celebrate – from just being alive to new books, new relationships, new challenges and new beginnings of several kinds.

To top it all off, I had helpers – people who quietly dispensed with rubbish, washed dishes and helped clean up.

Narelle Stratford, Joan Small and Dean Callaway

Narelle, Me and Dean

There were a few things I could have done better, but I will not dwell on these, because the over-all purpose of the afternoon was to celebrate life with my friends, and this was accomplished in an energizing way. What more could I ask for?

I can only say thankyou again to all those who made the choice to spend the afternoon with me and my friends. I’m sure our energy will continue to flow out into the world.

Leonie, Rob and Josie

Leonie, Rob and Josie

My suggestion to you is to approach each day with the question in mind , ‘What can I celebrate today?’ and then make sure you do celebrate in a small or large way. By sharing your celebration with others you will spread this wonderful celebration energy, and also help to change the way others see each moment.

Click on this link to see more photos on Facebook:  tp://tinyurl.com/7ls8zuw

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A Birthday To Energize – Joan Small

More About My Lovely Birthday Week

Happy Birthday Flowers to energize

Energizing Birthday Flowers

What a great way to find out who your real friends are – those who take the time to remember you in many different ways.

I did talk about my birthday in a previous post, but I want to say more about it, and also to use the beautiful picture of flowers on the left! They not only brightened my life but they also brighten up my blog.

I can honestly say that this year’s birthday was one of the best and most energizing – not because I had a big celebration party, but because there were so many small enjoyable events, messages and phone calls spread over more than a week.

The very last gift was this beautiful bouquet of flowers and some chocolates from a friend on her visit – energizing in itself as we always have such fun together.

Friends – Your Fan Club On Your Birthday – And All Through The Year

I am in the process of writing my book ‘Confidence is Key’, and one of the things I talk about is creating your own ‘Fan Club’ – and I don’t just mean on Facebook or other media sites. I mean offline too.


Because choosing the friends you surround yourself with – people who love and support you and don’t judge or criticize – is a great way to keep your energy high, and fend off any negativity that may arise from your own thoughts or what happens in your life.

My friends did these things to help me enjoy my birthday:

  • Phoned me
  • Emailed birthday wishes
  • Put on lunch with a bunch (of friends, that is)
  • Had me over for breakfast
  • Gifted me
  • Sent me cards
  • Put on an impromptu birthday ‘party’ after my Toastmasters meeting

On top of this, I heard from each of my three gorgeous grown up sons.

What was the crunch?

Like I said before, after all the birthday fanfare and feeling like I was the  centre of attention for more than a week, I had to get back into my normal life. A bit of an anti-climax, but I was able  to draw on other energizers to get me motivated (including the RU Okay Day email – see below).

More about pick-me-up energizers next time.

A Question for You?

What is your favourite way to share your birthday with friends and family?  What energizes you the most?  I’d love you to click on ‘Leave a Comment’ below and let me know.

Live With Energy


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