Validation to be Energized at Christmas

Have You Seen ‘Validation’ the video Yet?
Energize your life with Validation

6,127,609 people have watched this movie on Youtube. It says it all. Validation is what so many of us have missed out on, and what many people crave. (See the movie below)

Who have you validated lately?

To validate means: to give official sanction, confirmation, or approval to. The movie begins with using the word validation as in ‘official sanction’ but Hugh Newman twists it to the last meaning ‘to give approval to’.  He takes it even further, showing how validation can be more that just approval – it can be a sincere, genuine and authentic compliment that brings out the best in people.

I had my own personal experience of validation last year when I had my professional photos taken.  

Sure, I was dressed up and had the makeover makeup to make me look as attractive as possible, but without the smile and the inner glow the photos would have been just the same as snaps I could take with my own camera.

Jess was the magic ingredient. The whole time she was taking photos she was complimenting and validating me, just as the Hugh does in this video.


‘Show me that beautiful smile, Joan.  Let me see those lovely eyes. That’s the way, you look absolutely gorgeous.

When people compliment me on the photos, I often say, ‘After that photo shoot I felt like I had experienced an uplifting meditation and a full body massage. I floated out as if on air, and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face’.

Even the photo Jess took with my own small digital camera showed a ‘me’ that I had not seen in photos before. My happiness shone through.

This is what happens when people genuinely validate us. Jess’s compliments and validation made me feel beautiful, and the photos are clear proof of the value of validation. 

Christmas time is the perfect time to validate people.

Who do you have in your life that you can validate straight away.

You can even validate people you meet for the first time, just as Hugh Newman does.  

Watch ‘Validation’ and ‘catch’ the technique for validating others. Don’t forget also to genuinely smile and accept the compliment when someone validates you.

The Flip Side

On the Flip Side, getting angry or putting another person down has the opposite effect. Note how Hugh loses his smile when he gets knocked down and starved of validation.

Who have you put down or become irritated or angry with lately? 

If you find yourself doing this, think of the Validation movie, or go watch it again.

The movie is 16 minutes long, and well worth watching. 

See how many people you can validate this Christmas and during the holiday period.

The man who told me about this movie is Richard Grant, author of the book ‘Give It No Thought’.  Check it out – a most interesting read.

The photography company I used on the Gold Coast was Aleece Young – Brie Stevenson and Jessica McDonald

Do you have a Validation story?  I would love to hear of it. 

 Leave a reply below, or if you cannot see where to comment, click on the title of the post and it will take you through to a page where you can scroll down to the bottom and write your views. I would love to hear your thoughts.

More about Validation next time.

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