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Celebration Party – An Energizing Experience

Part of the Group, enthralled by the entertainment

Part of the Group, enthralled by the entertainment

I could not have hoped for a more uplifting and energizing experience than my Celebration Party on Sunday, and judging by the comments I received from the more than 50 guests, verbally and in my Visitor Book, a lot of people felt the same way.

Some of the comments were:

What a beautiful gathering of lovely people and a fantastic celebration of life… A wonderful afternoon of satsana with so many embodiments of love – thank you all … Rich and delightful gathering of artists at Christmas … Joan, what an awesome afternoon of celebration and talent. You have an amazing group of friends. … Such a blessing to have you as a friend and to be a part of today in sharing ‘Celebrations’ together. …Honoured to be invited to your wonderful Celebration Day Gathering … Thanks so much for welcoming me into your life, your friendship and home – uplifting and soul nurturing … Beautiful lady, beautiful home.

Can I take all the credit for the energy in the room? 

Of course not. Sure I facilitated it, sent out the invitations, provided the venue, organised the seating, snacks and fruit punch etc, but the people who came and contributed were the success factor.

In my book, ‘Negativity No More’ and also in ‘Confidence is Key’ I talk about the importance of choosing your friends. Sunday’s party showed that I have done a stella job of choosing beautiful people to surround myself with.

Despite the fact that the guests came from many different areas of my life and ranged in age from the 30s to the 80s and 90s, they mixed and mingled, made new connections, and no-one was allowed to be on their own. We formed a wonderful ‘fan club’ for each other.

The Entertainment was Amazing

Deborah Leigh-Russell

Deborah Leigh-Russell

The party turned into a ‘Soiree’ – an afternoon of friends, music, poetry and performances as guests volunteered to share their talents. 

The featured singer, Deborah Leigh-Russell, was as always amazing, with her angelic voice filling the room and engulfing everyone with its magic as she sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, ‘Climb Every Mountain’, ‘Unforgettable’ and more. Deborah has produced her new (re-mastered) CD – SOUL – Symphony Of Universal Love.

Audrey Todd is also a singer – of folk songs – and she livened up the group with a couple of favourites, encouraging us to join in.

Audrey Todd

Audrey Todd

Then there were the poets from Poetry in Paradise and some readings. The variety was amazing, and the audience  was loudly appreciative.

Sharing the Celebrations

Everybody shared what they had to celebrate – from just being alive to new books, new relationships, new challenges and new beginnings of several kinds.

To top it all off, I had helpers – people who quietly dispensed with rubbish, washed dishes and helped clean up.

Narelle Stratford, Joan Small and Dean Callaway

Narelle, Me and Dean

There were a few things I could have done better, but I will not dwell on these, because the over-all purpose of the afternoon was to celebrate life with my friends, and this was accomplished in an energizing way. What more could I ask for?

I can only say thankyou again to all those who made the choice to spend the afternoon with me and my friends. I’m sure our energy will continue to flow out into the world.

Leonie, Rob and Josie

Leonie, Rob and Josie

My suggestion to you is to approach each day with the question in mind , ‘What can I celebrate today?’ and then make sure you do celebrate in a small or large way. By sharing your celebration with others you will spread this wonderful celebration energy, and also help to change the way others see each moment.

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Energize Your Life with Variety – Poetry Campfire

 Variety Is The Spice Of Life – and A Great Energizer

Sometimes life can become a little mundane and ordinary – like ‘Groundhog Day’. Then it is time to look around and do something different.

campfire to energize

A Campfire with Poetry To Energize

As a girl from the outback I’ve always loved campfires. My most memorable was out on the flat Barkly Tableland on the cattle station my friends owned – with brilliant stars above, Johnny Cakes cooked on the hot coals and fireworks to let off. The cows came in close to see what was going on, and their eyes shone in the darkness. Last Friday night was a similar event. 

Robbie and Alan - married 50 dears

Robbie and Alan - married 50 years

Organised by Dave ‘The Banjo’ Farrer (author of ‘An Australian Story or Two’ books one and two), the members of our fabulous ‘Poetry in Paradise’ club and some others sat around on logs or chairs, and took turns to recite or read poetry. There was a lot of fun and laughter – we have some classic poets in the club, and of course laughter is a great energizer too.

Roger the Dodger even had a trophy – a mini one, with a pixie standing on a piece of granite.

Roger and Ted Skuse

Roger presents Ted with the trophy for best poetry presentation

He had his own criteria for the judging, and presented the pixie to someone who recited his own poetry – a newbie to the group, Ted Skuse.

It turned out Ted and I had something in common – not just the fact that we both like writing and presenting poetry, but that we lived in Australia’s Northern Territory at the same time. He was in Alice Springs and I was 500 kms north in Tennant Creek.

But back to the energy. What an energized mob it was – sitting around that campfire and sharing our special craft. Bob Dever,  the ‘Mudgeeraba Budgerigar’ even gave us his rendition of the didgeridoo.

Alan and Robbie were celebrating their 50 years of marriage too – and they still look happy.

To top it off, we had fresh hot damper with Cockey’s Joy (Golden Syrup – a bushie’s custom) and home made rock cakes baked by Dawn. The evening was balmy. I couln’t stop grinning – it took ten years off me I’m sure. ‘In my element’ describes the way I felt.

We stayed well past Dave’s bedtime. No-one wanted to go home.

Bob Dever plays the didgeridoo

Bob Dever plays the didgeridoo

So next time you are feeling a little low, bored or out of sorts, get out and do something different. You will find it an energizing experience.

If you fancy yourself as a poet, or would like to come and be part of the poetry ‘fan club’ we meet on the Gold Coast (at Southport). To find out more go to: http://tiny.cc/6xspr

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From A Wild Life to Succeeding With Confidence – Interview with Aldwyn Altuney

Aldwyn Altuney Tells Joan Small How She Gained Confidence and Energized Her life

It was my pleasure to interview my good friend Aldwyn Altuney, an energized young lady who is fun loving, on the go, and never too busy to smile, be friendly and encourage others. 

Aldwyn is a photojournalist,  a Corporate Communications Consultant and Director of AA Xposé Media – also the founder of Animal Action Day annual event on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Bikini Parade

Recently, just for fun, Aldwyn wore her bikini to join hundreds of other bikini clad ladies who gathered on the Gold  Coast’s Glitter Strip to set a Guinness World Record for the biggest-ever bikini parade. 357 was the winning number.

This shows the level of energy and confidence Aldwyn has attained.

Not Always Confident

Aldwyn was born of European parents and felt she didn’t fit in, growing up. Despite being successful academically at school and even making the Australian Table Tennis team, she was not confident socially and during one period of her life even wanted to drop out altogether.

Wild Lifestyle

As a teenager she left home and moved in with other teens who were into alcohol, drugs and a wild lifestyle. Some were suicidal.  Aldwyn went through the gothic/punk/hippie sub cultures trying to find out where she fitted. It was a dark space. The sad family situations showed her the life she didn’t want to lead. 

A Life Changing Decision

At this point, Aldwyn made a decision that she wanted to live an empowered life and make a difference in areas that mattered to her,  such as animal action and environmental issues.

She moved on, went to University in Canberra, acquired a media degree and found the media a great way to get powerful messages out. The more she realised she could step up and make a difference  and the more she could help others to make a difference the more confidence she had to keep going and follow her path. 

Make Time For Yourself

Along the way Aldwyn has had to learn to nourish and nurture herself – go to the beach, sunbake and swim in the ocean, have a massage and so on. She feels it is important to make time for herself to re-energize and re-charge.

Personal Development

Aldwyn attributes much of her confidence to the personal development programs she has undertaken. They helped her see the limiting behaviours that were stopping her from moving forward.

Now she finds she doesn’t take it personally when other people hit her with negatives.  Awareness is one of the keys, and when negatives do come her way she can easily discern which is her stuff and which belongs to others and not take it on board. 

Aldwyn recommends personal development, and also hanging out with entrepreneurs and like-minded people. Having a great network around you and building your personal fan club is really important.

Alwyn Altuney can be contacted at www.aaxpose.com or on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

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Choose Your Fans to Gain Confidence and Energize Your Life

Being On One’s Own Can Be De-Energizing

Is this a true statement?
re there times when it is fun to be alone?
Perhaps you have experienced some, such as when you are…

  • reading a good book
  • meditating
  • gaining some restful sleep
  • focussing on something you want to learn or do
  • walking in nature

You can probably add to the list.

Standing Alone With Confidence

Standing Alone With Confidence

Being alone and being lonely are not necessarily the same thing.

However, I think you would agree that being alone too often or for too long depletes the spirit – it’s de-energizing.

I met a friend for coffee yesterday and I shall call her Renee. She told me she had made the decision to let go of the so-called friends who were not serving her. Renee is a giving and caring person, but she had come to realise that some of the people she was spending time with were takers and were draining her energy.

Although she feels good about her decision, Renee is finding this interim period hard to cope with, as she now has to seek out like-minded people who will support her to replace the people who she is letting go out of her life.

This is like ‘recruiting a Fan Club’.

These days I am very clear about who I invite into my Fan Club, and I have no hesitation in letting people move on when they deplete my energy.  This can come about if they do something that betrays my trust, or is hurtful in a serious way. I am not too quick to judge, because I know that none of us is perfect, and that includes me. We are all ‘diamonds in the rough’ and sometimes we have to put up with a bit of the rough that overlays the diamond.

My grandmother used to say:

All the world’s a little queer, excepting Thee and Me …
And even Thee’s a little queer

Unlike this saying, I recognise that I am a ‘little queer too’.

However, I do use my ‘gut feeling’ to tune into the energy that I feel when around another person, and this helps me determine the degree of ‘queerness’ (or lack of integrity really) that they have.

My motto is ‘Choose only those things that energize you and you will be energized for life’.

Being mutual Fans requires an outward as well as an inward flow. When recruiting Fans I keep in mind that the flow goes outward as well as inward. The poster I had on the back of the toilet door when my boys were growing up said: ‘To have a friend, be a friend’. Sometimes we even have to give a bit more before we receive.

The trick is to recognise when the flow is imbalanced

When we are giving much more, or receiving much more then it is time to look at whether this is a real Fan Club.

Australia's Melbourne Cup

Australia's Melbourne Cup

With Australia’s Melbourne Cup coming up, I was talking to my brother about going to his house to watch the race. He said, ‘If you want to bring some interesting people they will be welcome’. 
When I asked him to clarify, he said ‘You know what I mean. Not boring people’.
My reply, ‘I don’t know any boring people’.

This is true. In the wide circle of friends and fans that I have, not one of them is boring.

I am amazed sometimes at the fascinating people I know and like, and who also know and like me, in the true sense of the word. They are willing to put up with my faults and foibles, just as I am willing to put up with theirs, and we support each other through the good and the bad.

Getting back to my friend Renee who is a spiritual person and draws on her higher power for guidance, she asked this power which people to let go of and which to keep. (This is similar to what I do with energy – the ‘gut feeling’ or intuition). She told me that I was one of the few ‘keepers’. This made me feel very privileged and special. It also confirmed that I am on the right path and have been living with more integrity as I truly am.

Do you have a Fan Club? 

Do you have people around you that you know will encourage and uplift you, and who energize you when you are together?

What qualities would you like to see in your Fan Club members?

Are you still recruiting fans, or are you content with the circle of true friends you have?

Are your family members your fans?
This last is a tricky one, which I will write more about later.

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