Starting 2014 late – More Energy and Travel

Energized and Traveling in 2014

I have this theory – that the Gold Coast goes to sleep over the Christmas holidays and doesn’t start to wake up until after ‘Australia Day’ – January 26th.  Then once February has gone the rest of the year just flies by.

I hope this is not the case this year as I have a lot to do in April before taking off in May Overseas.

European Cruise

European Cruise

To the women in my ever energizing Book Club – this is nothing to remark upon because they travel overseas all the time. But to me this is AMAZING!


Because I am about to realize my teenage dream of traveling to Europe and England. I hesitate to tell you how many years it has been that I have held onto this dream, but now it is about to become a reality.

Woohoo! I am so excited!

European River Cruise

I am going on a River Cruise – 15 days from Amsterdam to Budapest, and at each end will be an extra 3 days – in Paris, and then from Budapest to Prague.

The icing on the cake will be the 3 days and 4 nights in London at the start.

All this with my friend of more than 40 years, Coral.  We will have a ball.

New Smart Phone

I have a new ‘Smart’ phone (too smart for me at the moment!) so will be taking photos and just soaking up everything. I’ve even started to brush up on my schoolgirl French.

The anticipation is so overwhelming, I can only hope the actual trip will be better. But whatever it is I will be enjoying every single moment.

How does this fit in with my usual themes of ‘Feeling Young’ and ‘Being Energized’?

Well, naturally, anything new and exciting will do both, as some of the main qualities of feeling young are:

  • A sense of wonder
  • A feeling of excitement
  • Trying new things
  • Taking on new challenges
  • Enjoying every moment
  • Striving for something and achieving it
  • Learning new things
  • Mixing with different people  etc etc

These are also the things that energize us.

So, Europe here I come – new places, new places, new adventures.

If you want to read more about how to be Energized Click on this link to visit ‘The Energy Book for Life – The Guidebook to Energized Living‘ or ‘Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally’.  Both are in Ebook as well as print.

Live with Energy, and Feel Younger every day.



The Rock in the River – Staying Young – Joan Small

This video about ‘The Rock in the River’ explains the stages of life and how to discover and retain our essence as we age.

The Rock in the River

I stood in the shallows of a cool mountain stream.
The water was crystalline clear.
I stooped with cupped hand to drink from its sweetness
But paused, charmed by what I could hear –
The soft gentle babble, the river’s sweet tune
As it tumbled smooth pebbles along.
The surface was calm, but the waters beneath
With currents were rapid and strong.

While in the stream’s centre was placed a tall rock
That rose from the water quite steady.
Despite rippling currents and patterns they made
That rock didn’t budge – it was ready.
It seemed to be telling the river these words:
‘You can rush and can push – do your best,
You will not weaken me, I will stand in this space.
I can withstand and pass any test’.

I was turning away when my eye caught a glimpse
Of a leaf that was dancing along
On the surface, afloat, it was having some fun
And it seemed to be singing a song.
‘I’ll go with the flow, wherever you go,
Your path is my path. I’ll have fun.
I’ll follow the stream to the end if I must.
My choice is the currents – each one’.

It brought to my mind the flows of our lives,
How we’re born then we live, learn and die.
When we’re young like the leaf we can play, live in ‘now’,
And every adventure we’ll try.
With no thought of the future we float right along
With laughter and spirit of play.
If we’re swamped we bounce back, we can’t be kept down
Looking forward to every new day.

With maturity we’re like those pebbles that roll,
As life’s problems may tumble us on.
We’re striving for more – money, safety and ‘things’
And we’re feeling depressed – put upon –
Forgetting ourselves and the spirit of play
Lose gratitude, love, even worse –
Our health may be compromised, worry sets in
And happiness swapped for a nurse.

In the third age these pebbles may soon be worn down
And sink to the bottom to lie,
While the water flows past, the adventure has gone,
The excitement of life passes by.
In order to ‘not know’ the beingness lost
They forget who they are and just dream
Until life departs, and they’re buried in sand,
Lying there in the bed of the stream.

If we don’t want to be like those pebbles that sink,
Are tumbled and worn down with strife,
We can be like the rock, staying steady and strong
Determined to stand firm in life.
When we’re buffeted by many worries and woes
Or attempts made to roll us along.
We can choose to ‘just be’, take a breath and stand firm,
Know ourselves, take a stance and be strong.

For the number one goal of each life that we live
Is to know our own essence, just be
Who we are; love ourselves, with our failings and faults,
For the person who stands is ‘just me’.
We don’t need to follow, unless it feels good,
We can listen to others’ ideas,
But the test is to know which way we should go;
Choose our path without doubting or fears.

When we stand in our space, full of confidence, love,
And face up to life without fear.
Disagreements will vanish and love will abound.
The meaning of life will come clear.
Like the rock in the river we don’t need to push,
Or to go against life’s river-flow.
We can influence others when we learn to ‘just be’,
And wherever we go we will glow.

© Joan Small April 2013

Feeling Young – A State of Mind

How To Feel Young – Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

Feeling Young - Energized women - Joan Small More than anything else, what we think every moment will  determine whether we feel young or old.
Joan Small

I have always been interested in staying young.

At the age of 19 I received a letter from my girlfriend who had turned 19 two weeks before me. She bemoaned the fact that we were ‘getting old’ and time was racing away. It was ludicrous to me. Old at 19! I was just setting out in life, having taken quite a lot of my childhood getting over being shy and self-conscious.

I have also always enjoyed the age I am at, and now in the ‘third age’ of life I know that our age in years is not the most important one – it is our ‘energized age’ that matters.

I am grateful to my friend because I lived with her and her family for two years from the age of 15, and I learned some things which I still practice today. She is still an inspiration in her attitude to life and the fact that she travels extensively overseas and loves it.

One thing I learned while I was living with her was how to exercise the jaw so as not to get a double chin. Sounds silly, but I still do this exercise today. It is a simple matter of just tightening the jaw while mimicking a chewing action but with the mouth open. It looks terrible, so I do it in private, but it seems to have worked because I have less of that dreaded second chin than some other women my age.

The double chin exercise is one of my first memories of picking up useful bits of information to help delay the process of aging.

I believe I have mastered (as much as we can ever ‘master’ anything) the art of ‘feeling young while growing older’ and I am sharing my insights, learnings and knowledge with you so that you too can feel young until the day you die.

The Dalai Lama said, ‘I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.”

Children - Feeling Young - Joan SmallPeople often hold up childhood as the ideal of happiness. Admittedly, children living in a free country in a loving family with enough food and other necessities for life exhibit a lightness of spirit, mind and body that typifies the youthfulness I talk about in this book. I am blessed that my grandchildren are in this category, and they are energized, happy and laugh a lot. If we observe happy children we can pick up some of the energy and absorb it into our being.

We can never stop learning new ways to be happy and feel young, and I trust you will enjoy the journey.

Spirit of the child - Feeling Young - Joan Small

Visit website to read more and purchase the book “Feeling Young While Growing Older’ with bonuses.

Enter your comments below, and tell me what you are doing to feel younger in 2013. If you can’t see the Comments link below, click on the title of this blog and it will take you to a page where you can scroll down and leave your reply.

Live With Energy Joan

‘Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally’

I never thought I would be here talking about How To Feel Young While Growing Older’…

How to Feel Young - 'Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally' Joan Small In fact, I didn’t believe I would grow older – but the years have a tendency to fly by.

But now I find myself in ‘The Third Age’, having overcome all manner of obstacles, but still able to laugh, have fun and enjoy life free of illnesses and ailments except for the occasional small ‘twinge’.  I can even look in the mirror and like what I see.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be helping other women to do what I have done so that they too can awake each day with joy and happiness.

Feeling young is a state of mind.
More than anything else, what we think every moment will
determine whether we feel young or old.

Joan Small

To actually live a life where I don’t have to feel pain, stress, worry or regret … to not have to make frequent visits to a doctor or hospital or to pop pills just to get me through the day, and to not fear the future because I am deteriorating with age is a magical thing!

Some days I just pinch myself as I review what my life is now, compared to when I was younger but sometimes feeling older than I do now …

Seeing the way I am now and how others perceive my youthfulness – even wanting to emulate me – and being able to choose the people I have around me and the activities I involve myself in that are not age-related,  I marvel. 

What a change – you just have to try it.

My new book, ‘Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally’  is a good step to add to your wealth of experience in how to maintain that youthful spring in your step, and feeling of youthfulness.

Visit website to read more and purchase the book with bonuses.

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