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energized young woman, live with energy, energize your life, energy for lifeEnergized Age Versus Age In Years

I have created a checklist so that you can do a personal assessment of your Energized Age.

Here it is:

1. Do you feel enthusiastic or excited about something several times a week, or
Do you find that most of the time things are mundane or boring?

2. Are you interested in things outside of yourself, or
Do you spend most of your time looking inwards and feeling discontented with your life.

3. Do you mix easily with people of all ages, or
Do you mainly stick to a circle of your own chronolical age (age in years)?

4. Are you happy with your body over all,  but would still like to be a bit fitter, healthier, younger, or
Is you body feeling tired, unhealthy, in pain or overweight/underweight?

5. Do you laugh easily and often, or
Do you find life is not that funny?

6. Do you have ways to bring yourself back up – bounce back – when you are down or something unfortunate happens to you, or
Do you find it takes a long time to get back out of the dumps and you need therapy or drugs to help you?

7. Are you interested in learning new things every day, or
Are you happy with the things you know and how you have always done things?

8. Are you in a happy and healthy relationship or  have happy and healthy relationships with others,  or
Do you find yourself in conflict with people a lot of the time?

9. Do you dance with abandon, without concern for who is watching or listening, or
Do you feel too shy or embarrassed to dance in public because you ‘have two left feet’,  no rhythm or other excuses?

10. Do you welcome change and new opportunities / adventures, or
Do you think it better for things to stay the same, and hanker after ‘the way they were’?

11. Do you wake up in the morning anticipating the new day, or
Do you have to drag yourself out of bed, expecting things to be boring or something to go wrong?

Please add to this list in the comments box below.

2 thoughts on “Energized Age List

  1. Hi Joan,
    I found your blog via face book and I’m really enjoying reading your uplifting posts.
    This one in particular! This is perfect timing with a new year fast approaching. I know we shouldn’t wait till a new year to try and change our attitude but a new year really makes us assess the past year and put into perspective questions such as, are we living the life we intended? I’m sorry I couldn’t the Helensvale Writers Group Christmas Party. I look forward to returning next year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and see you in 2012.

    1. Joan Small says:

      Thanks Renee for your feedback. I agree – act now on it, and don’t just wait for the New Year, though I do like to make those resolutions – or even better to ‘resolve’. Jim Rohn asked some schoolchildren for their definition of ‘resolve’ and one said, ‘A promise to myself that I will keep’. What a great answer, and a wonderful thing to aspire to. I couldn’t make the Christmas Party either. See you in the New Year and we can share ‘resolves’ . Live With Energy, Joan

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